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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Little surprises mean the most!

I am so lucky to have such great friends and acquaintances!  I met up with my bud, Alice, yesterday for lunch at Panera's then off we went to PetSmart and Kohl's for a little shopping.  While at lunch, Alice gave me this present! How Sweet!!!!

I've always commented how nice Alice's smells!  I know that sounds weird...especially when you put that in a sentence!  Anyway, she gifted me with the same lotion she uses!!!  How special is that!

AND check out the container (that's really cool too!) of candy!  It's dark chocolate with sea salt and cashews!  YUM!!!  Yes, I've already eaten one piece!  THANKS again, Alice!!!

And this past summer, a few of us had a sew in weekend at Tommy's, I got to meet one of the ladies who has participated in our block exchanges and group quilt(s) in the past.  Her name is Mary Ann VanSoest.  Some of you may already be familiar with Mary Ann's work, which is stunning.  For our show and tell that weekend, Mary Ann didn't have quilts with her as they were on exhibit but we did get to see a book Mary Ann had with pics of some of her pieces.  Her work is spectacular!  Lots of landscapes, have to check out her blog to see her work.

Anyway, Mary Ann sent me this card for Christmas...isn't it beautiful!!  The center is a piece of quilted art she created.  Now I have a small piece of her artwork which is wonderful!  Thanks again, Mary Ann.  This is one card that will be kept with my fiber cards or on display!  It's actually coming to Florida with me so I can share with some of my art friends there too!

As I've often said...I'm one lucky lady!!


  1. Thanks Robbie. Because of Mark's illness I haven't keep up my blog the best but that will improve after the holidays.

  2. You dear are very giving and it is nice to know you receive also. Lovely gifts.


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