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Saturday, December 12, 2015

First Christmas Party of the Season!

Yesterday, I attended the Christmas party for our day quilt guild.  I really think these ladies are so women, as quilters and just nice folks!   Several of the 'older' members were so instrumental in teaching me so much of what I know today!  They are so generous with their time and knowledge and love sharing what they know!

Anyway, the meeting started around 11 with our show and tell..a little business....little gabbing!

...then some great food!  The party was held at an Italian restaurant, Ruggeros,  The menu was chicken Caesar salad (which was delicious!) and baked mostaccioli!  (yum!).  Dessert was your choice of vanilla ice cream or carrot cake...yea, I went for the cake!  Anyway, it was a nice time visiting and eating!

I used to belong to two quilt guilds (one day and one night), and two art/fiber groups (one day and one night).  I decided several, several years ago to give up the night guild as well as the art group that met at night.  I don't like leaving for a meeting in the late afternoon and being out at night when you have to drive home in the dark (when you're leaving a meeting at 9 or 10 p.m. to head home!)

I still attend the day quilt guild meeting a few times in the spring/summer as well as attend our monthly fiber art group...that's the next 'party time'.  We meet next Monday and it is our last get together for the year!  I enjoy our small group of five as each member is so talented and we inspire each other plus we meet during the day!  Yep, I'm getting old!!!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I soooo agree with you……I too had to give up night meetings……after I finally admitted (and thankfully before anything bad happened) that I simply could no longer see well enough at night to drive safely. However, and this may be PC incorrect….BUT I’M JUST SAYIN’……..this overbloated government has programs for the stupidist things….like shrimp on treadmills So, why not provide drivers for those of us who need to go to night fiber meetings, "for our mental health”!!!!!!???

  2. A lovely time- and oh, that quilt! Gorgeous. Yup- one reason I was so happy to find the Gainesville Day Guild and the Fiber Art Bee which is a group within it, is that the meetings are in the daytime. I still go to the Ocala group and will continue as long as I can, but rural living and night driving don't hold a lot of appeal. Invariably if there's a big rainstorm, it's on quilt night!


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