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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Headed out!

A few pictures from our Christmas Eve......Hard to believe the weather was so nice we took pics outside on the deck!  It was in the mid to high 50's and the sun was can see Bob's glasses turned!  The white you see at the bottom is our white fence!  No snow!!

Darrin and Kris have a great family...and we're so lucky the kids live only 21 miles away.  (Jeff and Dawn are in the sub next to Darrin and Kris!  So they are close by as well!)

I love this picture of Amber!  She photographs so well to begin with and just has fun all the time!  Even Nick had a smile on him!

And another couple who smile and laugh all the time!!  My daughter with her hubby!  Love these two as well!

We had such a fun evening and as usual it was so hard to leave Amber!  We always cry and that gets the rest of the family crying...well, except for Bob.  He can't understand why we cry saying goodbye for four months!  HA

Saturday was our packing up day!  Whew!  But once again we were finished by 2 p.m.  I kept adding and rearranging and by the time I made dinner for us, finished up laundry, pack sandwiches for our lunch for Sunday...I was ready for a shower.  So here I sit in my jammies thinking of what else i should stash in the car!  Guess I need to stop!  I suspect my next post will be our arrival in Florida!


  1. Safe travels and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Wonderful family memories and photos. Safe travels to Florida.

  3. Looks like that nice weather is about to come to an end....but it sure has been great while it lasted!
    Have a safe, pleasant, uneventful trip.

  4. Nice picture. I think you are getting out of town just in time to miss crappy weather too.
    Be safe.

  5. Have a safe journey! Looking forward to posts from warm and sunny Florida.

  6. Robbie, you have a lovely family ! How wonderful that you were able to get together for the holidays. Have a wonderful time in Florida, and enjoy the sunshine. Best wishes, and happy quilting from Marina and Daryl :-)


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