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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A long way to go and a short while to get there!

 I'm still working on hand stitching the feathers for my Tiffany peacock piece.  I've had to rip out some of the feathers multiple times until I found just the right color and weight of threads to use.  I'm a happy camper now so it's just a matter of getting busy and finish the stitching.  Then onto binding and label!

We have seven artists that we're creating art quilts for our traveling exhibit for 2015-2016.  So far I have one Tiffany finished,  and my Peacock will be the 2nd, a Peter Max, two Ugo's (I'm using my Talk of the Town as one and Hex Horse as the 2nd) and of course my Zachery for Dr. Seuss!
I still have to create something for Blue Dog (by George Rodrique), MaryAnn Beckwith (a Michigan artist) and Rick Loudermilk.  Actually, I've been working on my piece for Rick Loudermilk.  I'll be posting progress on that piece in a day or two.

Yep...I do have a lot of projects to do and a short time to get them done...but I will!  OK, I hope I will.

Here's the start of my L'Enveloppe shawl/cowl piece I'm knitting!    Yes, a girl has to keep busy!

I had my first class on Tuesday afternoon...we have a really good instructor, Marsha Stauffer,  at Beyond The Rainforest in Grand Blanc.  They don't have a web site but do have a FB page.   Marsha is quite good at making sure everyone is comfortable with following the pattern and showing new tips/techniques.

I have a long way to go but it is pleasant to be back knitting again.  The yarn I'm using  is really soft and a tad darker than what shows in this picture.  I wear a lot of black/gray so I think I'll get a lot of use out of this 'Enveloppe' top...especially in Florida.  You always seem to need just a little something on your shoulders when eating out!  Or is that 'drinking' out!!  Either way...I'll use to finish it before we get to Florida!


  1. Lovely peacock. I like the stained glass look. Your background quilting is gorgeous too. Good luck on your long journey. :)


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