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Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

Kalee and I just got back from our walk...which ended up being a mile and half!  She didn't get to walk this morning so guess she wanted to make up the time!  Fortunately, I made sure to bundle up really good..ear muffs, snow pants and boots!  It's only 27 out but I wasn't even cold.  Kalee had on her winter coat too!

So lots going on project wise...I have four projects I'm working on, although, the only project that made any headway this week was my knitting!

Where you see the red marker, that's where the neck opening will be.  I think!!  There's only one arm opening, as the other arm side just slips's so complicated to explain.

I have to have the front part (it will look like the pic above) finished in two weeks, which shouldn't be a problem.

I did play with putting some circles on my Rick Loudermilk piece.  They are just stuck on with double sided tape.  I'm not sure if I'll paint them on the canvas or use the fabric.  I have a concern because the quilts travel so much that the fabric may not stay adhered to the canvas.  The main body will be attached with hand stitching on the edges like I've done my other pieces.

And our online blog challenge for Art Quilters Around the World is due November 30th, so I've been working on that piece as well.  I can't show much except snippets until the reveal time.  Here are some snipes!

Our theme is Flights of Fantasy so that can be anything!  The pink fabric in this picture is some cotton velveteen that I dyed several, several years ago.  I love the color and wanted this piece to be bright and that is it!!  

I'm having fun with it so far..except...not to reveal too much...but I was doing my normal 'unsewing' (I had free motion quilted an area that turned out the direction was wrong!  UGH), so after removing all the stitches I sprayed water on the fabric to help the needle holes disappear...well, some water got on an area that I had used one of my micron pens on and guess what!  The ink ran!  Go figure!  Now I have to think how to repair or come up with a new 'design' opportunity!  Not sure who came up with that word...but guess I'll try to figure it out!


  1. Could you stitch the circles onto the canvas using a bead as the anchor?? I know it can get difficult when sewing close to the frame.....but I've managed to angle my stitches at times to make that happen....just a thought. It's a great piece!

  2. Nice work- you're staying busy as always! What would happen with fusible for fabric circles to canvas? A thought... Stay warm!

  3. You and Kalee are certainly brave to walk in 27 degree weather. I am freezing at 59 or anything under 80F! Lovely circles and colors. I hope you show a photo of your finished knitting. I think I lost the arm vs neck layout. Please stay safe and warm in your Winter storms.


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