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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Winter is here!

Well, it really is almost winter...we actually had snow showers yesterday afternoon!  It's hard to see in this picture but those tiny white dots are snow showers!  OK, so you can't see the white dots...but we did have snow!

It sure didn't stop the Trick 'N Treaters last are resilient that's for sure.  Bob was complaining all night about how cold it was but not all the kids complained.

I think he forgot what it was like when you were a kid...cold never bothered us especially when there was a reward like candy!!!

Kalee was a doll again for Halloween!!!  She would sit at the door but never venture out on the porch.  She just looked at the kids and waited for the next group.

  We ended up with 177 kids...and yes, I keep track each year.  The least amount we had was 99 and the most was 298 in 2006.  I refuse to buy more than 200 pieces of candy.  We did have candy left over but Bob will take care of those!

Today I did some laundry and cleaning then off to start another project.

Nick was playing in their Super Bowl today.  I decided I was a wimp and didn't go.  It's only 34 degrees out and windy.  I can sit in the rain or cold and watch Nick's games....but I sure pay for it the next day.  The old bones can't handle that cold and wind.

Nick's game didn't start until 3:30 so we are waiting to hear if they won the Super Bowl...if not, they've had a great season!

Off to put dinner on the table then more sewing!  Love staying inside!!!


  1. Oh cute is Kalee!! Adorable. We had zero trick or treaters.....have had exactly 1 - one time in the 7 years we've lived here. That just tells you how off the beaten path we live!

  2. It is coming rather early isn't it? Cold and blustery here today with our nor'easter!

  3. Halloween fun and Kalee was the perfect greeter! Snow? Uh oh.

  4. Snow already! Time to pack for Florida.

  5. Kalee is a fabulous little Bee for Halloween. I am amazed at how good she behaves with all that Trick or Treat kid commotion going on. Cold here too...


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