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Friday, November 28, 2014

Bichon Rescue

Well, my house will be minus five of my art quilts within another week.  All of my donation quilts were sold through the Bichon Rescue online auction.  I am happy I was able to donate and help contribute to the $13,174 they raised!   This was the 1st quilt sold which I've mailed today.

It is one of my painted Tyvek pieces that was free motion quilted onto a background piece then burned with an iron and soldering iron.  I love this technique and will miss the piece but now it gives me a chance to work on another one!  like I need an excuse!

Yes, I did get to my knitting class on Tuesday and our instructor showed us how to interpret the pattern diagram!  So much easier.  I did start on the cap type sleeve but I'm not happy with how it looks so guess who is going to 'unknit'!!!  I haven't yet and decided I will stop by the shop on Tuesday when our instructor is in.  She may be able to give me words of wisdom or encouragement!

I am also working on my Flights of Fantasy piece for our online challenge group, Art Quilts Around the World.  Actually, it's been basically finished for about two weeks.  I think I may add some paint or stitching and then the binding (or facing) and label.  Not sure if I'll get to it tomorrow  on Friday after cooking for our company on Saturday or Sunday a.m.

 It's due on November 1st so pics can't be posted until then.  This is just a sneak peek!

So now I'll look up 'unknitting' on google!!


  1. I especially love the blue one and the beautiful quilted red one.
    Your flight of fantasy looks better than mine, for sure.

  2. Congratulations on your sold quilts. Unknitting is NOT my favorite and why I hardly ever knit. Lovely Flight of Fantasy sneak peek. Sharing Joy...

  3. So glad you helped the cause of Bichon Rescue. Five donated quilts- very generous, and think of the good it will do!

  4. Love the Tyvek piece. Is there a tutorial anywhere on the technique you used to do this piece?

  5. Using your creativity for charity is a beautiful thing. Bravo!


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