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Sunday, November 23, 2014

What a difference a day makes!

What a difference a day makes...twenty four little hours...Before I get into some art work/knitting....we're having a warm up in Michigan so our 6+ inches of snow is now gone!

Thursday & Friday this week - 6+ inches

Today with 48 degrees!!

Some snow left in our neighbors yard!

At least by staying inside for a day or two, I do get lots accomplished!  I moved all the furniture in the downstairs/family room and also did the same in my dye/work room area!!!  I have a few items to take to Goodwill and filled up some of our recycle bin!  So that's a good day's work!! 

I've also finished the front and back of my knitted project BUT  I don't know how to put the front and back together...It's quite confusing, well at least for me!  I can't grasp what it is I'm supposed to I'll just wait until our last class, which is Tuesday.  We still have to make a sleeve for one side but until I get the front and back together, I don't even know where that sleeve should be!!  Geezzzzz

I'm also working on attaching my Loudermilk piece to the canvas.  My fingers get a little sore so I take a break after working a side.  I still haven't decided whether I'm painting or attaching the circles I have cut for the borders.  The hot glue gun may call to me yet!

And now for TV work, until I find out what to do with my knitting project, I'm still hand stitching the peacock.

  My fiber buddies suggested using some straight lines in some areas, which I did and I quite like it.

The lime green area is where I'll add straight stitches.  I'm using some hand dyed turquoise thread so hope I don't run out!!

Tomorrow I'm off Christmas shopping with my bud, Alice and of course we'll have a nice lunch too!!  Tuesday will be a busy, busy day...Kalee's spa day, then I'll head to the grocery store for the rest of my dinner items (I'll be cooking Wed., thru Saturday!), then after I make Bob and I an early dinner, I'll be off to see one of the patients from the Assisted Living here in town.  She's moved to a new facility where there are more activities and the building is on my way to knitting class.   Then off to knitting class to see how dumb I am for not figuring out the pattern!!!  Let's hope!


  1. Ugh!!! winter....grrrr! Most impressive projects you have going girl!!!

  2. I love your peacock! very impressive and the jumper - wow, I don't know how to knit!

  3. How quickly Winter has come to your side of the states. We have had some lovely wet weather but no snow. I can't see how that knitting goes together. Both quilts are stunning! The stitching on Peacock is divine. Enjoy your busy days and all that cooking and a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. All that snow stayed north of me, thankfully, but it's system snow in the forecast for this week and sure to be flying in my front yard. The peacock is just so really cool!

    Happy Shopping!

  5. Sooo the fabrics you chose for the peacock. Just stunning. Hey, sorry about my Patriots beating your Lions yesterday, but maybe you don't care...? Anyway, I'll be routing for the Lions on Thanksgiving, since we're going to be celebrating with a couple from Michigan :-)

  6. Btw, we're getting the snow storm (the same one, I think) on Wednesday.

  7. Your stitching looks nice against the canvas. Can sure see how your hands and fingers would tire doing it though. Has Kalee been back to make a nursing home visit? I've been struggling still with computer issues, so have not posted or visited much of late. It's home again, and all recovered I'm told. So, fingers crossed!


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