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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankgiving Eve 2014

A really busy day today...started off making a pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow...then Kalee and I took a walk, just a little under one mile.  After getting cleaned up, Kalee and I headed off to the Assisted Living home here in town then went to visit another one about 20 min. from home.

You can read about our visit(s) on Kalee's blog here.  She was a doll and wait until you see what she rode while visiting there!  You have to check out the video I put on her blog.  She has become a really good therapy dog.  She loves the people and can't wait to get inside!!!

A few weeks ago, Cherie Burbach sent out an email stating her "newsletter was back".  She was also having a giveaway for one of her wonderful prints from her Etsy shop.   And you'll never guess what I won!!  YEP!!!  I won the print and received it this week!!!!  I love it...not only is it a great spiritual piece of art work, it's a great piece of art work!!!  I keep looking at all the different elements in this piece.   THANK YOU AGAIN, Cherie!!!

You need to visit Cherie's Etsy shop (yes, I have ordered something  from her, but it's for a gift so I can's show it to you until after Christmas!).   Then go to her web site here.  Cherie's site is full of inspiration, not only in artwork but in her writing.  You need to read all about her and you will be inspired in so many different ways.  I'm still working my way through some of her writings!!

 I'll be cooking for the next three days (prepared or finished up most of our dishes for tomorrow today!) as kids are coming this weekend and I'll be cooking for just Bob and I on Thanksgiving.  I do love every minute of it!!   I get so excited about putting together a menu that sometimes I do go overboard with preparing food...oh well...just leaves us lots of leftovers and stuffed bellies!!    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


  1. Kalee is such a love. I think the folks would want to really spend every day with her. Congratulations on your win. Thanksgiving Blessings Dear...

  2. Thanks for the mention! I'm so glad you love the print. Have a very Merry Christmas and here's to a beautiful 2015!


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