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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stencil Discharge Time

I mentioned that I was playing with discharge/decolorant the other day so wanted to share my progress so far!  I'm a huge fan of Design Matters TV by Linda/Laura Kemshall and a week ago Linda was doing a demo using decolorant to discharge with.  I did buy some this past winter while in Florida and used this product with my thermo fax screen (you can see the post here).  I was happy with the results so I was anxious to use Linda's freezer paper stencil and the discharge paint. 
I started off with a purple hand dyed piece of fabric and ironed the freezer paper stencil, painted with the discharge paint and  this was my piece below after the discharge paint dried and the piece was heated. 
My decolorant is robin egg blue and to be honest it looks more like the piece was painted rather than discharged.  So I redid the stencil making it a tad larger than the one above. 

I did go a little nuts with my brush and kept thinking that it was just going to look like a painted black piece.  So, I ironed the stencil back on my fabric,  grabbed my Clorox bleach pen and squeezed out some of the solution, brushed it on some of the square areas and even put some on top of the decolorant!  

And here's my piece all sandwiched and quilting started!  I'm going to do a lot of hand stitching on this piece (I did FMQ around the tree or flame or whatever my stencil turned out to be!). 

This is a detail on some of the stitching.  I did fuse the circle and the square pieces then hand stitched on the squares.  I'm going to bead around the lone circle and most likely continue with lots of stab stitches. 

The Kemshall mother/daughter team are amazing and certainly get your creative juices flowing when you watch them work or look at their quilts.  I'm still working on my other 'tree' but with the rain today, this project was great for just sitting and hand stitching!!  Tomorrow is breakfast with all the kids to celebrate Mother's Day!  Hope all you mom's out there have a great day!!! 


  1. Wow Robbie! I love what you have done with Linda's tree! you have made it your own. Brilliant.

    Happy Mother's day! We are off shortly to have morning tea with my baby daughter for Mother's Day!

    Hugz Sally

  2. Wow- Interesting project! I'm so glad to see this as I just bought some decolorant and have not yet used it. Of course as soon as I bought it, I learned that it comes in the kind that puts another color back into the design element! All in good time. But this is really an interesting piece!


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