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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to playing!

Yippee! Today started off busy with some cleaning, then off to the vet so Gracie could get her 'manicures' (feet and beak!), then to library, dollar store and back home to doggie park for Kalee.
I've been wanting to use the thermofax screens Sally made me and I finally got to do that today! The picture you see of the screens as they were drying. I'm afraid I couldn't get the black acrylic paint off the 1st screen!!! I did use it again with no problem but I feel bad it looks 'bad'!!!
This is one of the two black fabrics that I printed using deColorant (Robin egg blue) and they came out really nice. I forgot to take a pic of the other piece of fabric. It has all 3 leaf sizes on it. Really cool pieces!
These small pieces were just stenciled or using the thermofax screen. I love my screens!! Thanks again Sally!
Then I started playing with making some paper fabric. This was a commercial piece of fabric that I stamped using dollies.
Then I brushed on or stamped a plastic heart template I had (pic on the left). Then I covered the entire piece with gel medium (thinned with water) and placed pieces of paper from magazines and tissue paper on top of the gel medium. A final coat and here's my paper fabric! I'm going to use the piece to cut up for fiber postcards.

Oh, this was what the kitchen counter looked like today while I was working or should I say playing! It was fun to play again!! I did also start another peyote beaded ring. I need something that goes with my Valentine shirt! More playing to come!!!


  1. Those screens create delightful prints! A messy day of play is also delightful.

  2. They look great Robbie! Your prints are so clean!
    Don't worry about the staining - that happens - as long as the screen is not clogged all is good! You see some of my that I have used over and over!