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Monday, December 5, 2011

Kalee's Cousin

Before I introduce another new member to our extended sure to check out Nancy's Quilting Potpourri blog! Nancy is having a give away of her vintage books. Nancy made these Christmas Gluebooks from an online class and they are adorable! I'm looking forward to meeting Nancy when we get to Florida this winter. She does some very unique work from traditional quilting to art quilting to using vintage pictures in books.
Well, my sister went and did it!! She joined the "I want a puppy club"!! Here is her newest addition...she's a 2 lb Pomeranian puppy called Sherry! Is she cute or what!! Last I skyped my sister, she told me how exhausted she was! We can sure identify with that! Our little one is getting better and better each that, I mean she's not having us play with her 16 hours a day! We're down to 12!

This is Sherry upside down sleeping next to my sister! All fur!!!!
Kalee is doing well after her surgery and I'm actually able to knit at night! Quilting during the day too! I'll hold off doing any beading until we get to Florida! Our snow is all gone now but the ground is so wet...lots of rain off and on the past few days. We can't wait for Florida!!


  1. Oh she's a cute one! Will they get to meet? Thanks for linking my blog on yours.. hope others will enjoy the little books, too.

  2. Adorable! Enjoy Florida. I know you will!


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