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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recipe Time

Well, I was a bit under the weather..started with ANOTHER sore throat Monday and just felt really bad yesterday. Lots of aspirin, orange juice and just rested all day yesterday. Still slight sore throat today but at least I feel like I have some energy! Not having a cold for TWO years has me spoiled! Guess I'm making up for it!

I love making appetizer's and of course Bob and I love to eat so...these are two recipes that I love, love, love. So much so it's what we had for dinner the other day! The first is a corn salsa from Food Network Magazine that is awesome. I made this when my sister came to visit this summer and now I always keep some frozen corn in the freezer just in case!

And this next dish is SO, SO, good! Our friend, Jan, from Florida made this for us a few years ago and shared the recipe. At Bonefish Grill, they have this as one of their appetizers and Jan found the recipe. Again, it's from Food Network! The shrimp is delicious and the sauce is just the best! If you're looking for some appetizers for the holidays, these can't be beat! And you just thought I beaded!


  1. The recipes sound like keepers. We often eat chips and salsa for supper. The kids love mexican pizzas too.

    I hate to hear that anyone is under the weather at this time of year. Its so festivous (not a misspelled made up word!) and being sick now is the pits.

    Feel better quick.

  2. Feel better soon... you have a big trip ahead of you! Thanks for the food pics... the corn salsa esp. sounds great.

  3. YUMmmmmm! I spent the day baking sour dough French Bread for a fiber art Xmas party tomorrow. I may have to consume all those calories myself if the predicted big snow storm really hits us. Unlike the Midwest......these Southerners have no clue how to handle snow!

  4. Our entire family uses Cold-Eze at the first hint of a cold....the zinc actually works...Zicam is the same thing, just in a different form. You can take it to lessen symptoms even after the cold bug is in full rid of my symptoms before Barcelona. (it screws up my taste buds tho) Printed out the Corn salsa recipe....sounds perfect. Thanks.


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