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Monday, December 12, 2011

ATC's - support a good cause!

I wrote a post on Karen Stiehl Osborn's call for ATC's to support one of the animal rescues she is involved with. I did make some ATC's and sent to Karen and I also purchased the following two ACT's for myself.
The first is by Virginia Spiegel, who most of you are familiar with. If not, do check out the work Virginia has produced.

The 2nd ATC is by Rhonda Baldwin and she does wonderful work! You have to check out her web site. I copied this from Karen's blog...for those who know me, you'll understand why I purchased this ATC after you read her inspiration note below. "Duke was our beloved German Shepherd that we lost in 2008 at the age of 15. He was a wonderful, loving, loyal friend that I still miss every day. Duke helped to raise our two children and became an excellent running companion for my husband. He lived a long, full life with us and never gave up despite seizures and bad hips until finally he just couldn't go on, and we had to let him go. We look forward to the day when we will see him again. It was hard on all of us but especially our female shepherd, Skye, who had never been without him. She mourned his passing almost more than we did, but eventually we brought a new boy to our home, and Zeus came to live with us almost 3 years ago. We simply cannot express how much joy our canine companions bring to our lives."

This card is for our Mandy girl...I just couldn't pass it up. All the sediments in Rhonda's quote certainly made me shed another tear or two. So if you are in the giving mood, PLEASE stop by Karen's blog and purchase one of the ATC's she has for sale. If you can't afford to support, at least read some of the posts on these animals. Folks don't realize the cost involved with rescuing dogs. Some have major health issues, abuse or just general care to get them to the point they can be adopted. As I tell the grand kids all the time, "animals can't get up and get their own drink of water or plate of food. They depend on us!" We have to take care of kudos's to Karen for her work in helping and taking care of these rescued animals!

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  1. Great ATC's you purchased and of course I understand why you chose the one. I shall go to Karen's site now.


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