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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Work from the past

Honestly, I was busy quilting up until last Friday, when I finished a Christmas quilt. No, this isn't a picture of it! I can't post a picture until after we get to Florida. So that's another post! Now it's no more art work until after the 1st of the year when we get settled in Florida.

Today I was looking through some old CD's and found some quilts I made a few years ago that I've almost forgotten about!
The one on the left was for the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational from 2002. The theme was 'Oriental' and I created my design based on a Chinese Christmas card I received from someone I used to work with, Harry. I always love receiving his Christmas cards and I've saved every one he has sent.
The flowers were fused double pieces of fabric that I colored with oil pastel crayons. I added foiling for the designs inside the triangles and couched some type of threads (can't remember now!) around the circle area. I did some hand quilting...very minor but it turned out pretty good.

So next I found this quilt I made for my DIL's brother when he got married in 2000 for a wedding gift! I did forget about this one until I saw it on the CD. This was a pattern from Beth Farrier who used to teach at Davison Fabrics. Beth has written several books and is great at machine applique work. She's also a hoot to take a class from!

The quilt was made of homespun fabric which was fun to work with! NOT! But it did turn out quite nice.And this next one is another pattern from Beth but I used all 'old' fabrics and scraps I had on hand. In fact, some of the flowers are made of fabric from my daughter's graduation dress (I think it was a dress!) I made in 1984! See only part of my brain isn't functioning!
I made the backing from an old sheet and I was/am hand quilting this one. I don't have more than four or five unfinished pieces/quilts (it's the Catholic guilt thing, you know!) but this is one that is not finished. It is laying on top of the toy box in our downstairs living space. I do see it but then I don't really see it!! So there it remains unfinished...but I guess all quilters have one quilt not finished. Someday...maybe...or maybe someone else will finish it for me so I have something to cover with when I get to the nursing home. Let's hope!
So now it's back to running last minute errands like shopping, post office, etc. Then to start getting items put in the computer room to have ready for the space saver bags. I love those things! All my sewing and art supplies are ready for the car and I'll start packing some of my 'spring/summer' clothes. Heaven knows we can't wear them here in Michigan now! Temps are in the 20's again but that's winter and to be expected. Well, back to seeing what other quilts I've made that I forgot about!


  1. Great projects! The one you are hand quilting looks huge. Beth is teaching at our guild in February. She'll do a lecture the night before her class... maybe you can plan to attend. Will give you the details when you come in January. I remember how creatively you had to pack things into your car for the trip last year.

  2. Oh Robbie! You sound as though you are as busy as I am! I'm still trying to get my stuff together after my trip! So much to catch up on!

    If I don't get a chance from here, please, from me with love and appreciation accept all the best for Christmas and the New year! I hope you and yor Hubby and your beautiful litte Kallie (?spelling) hsve the best of times!


    PS - word verification? unabler? Hugz!


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