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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yea, we're here!

Well, we made it to Florida on Thursday around 1:30. We left Michigan with snow and some rain/sleet mixture but all in all it was a pretty easy trip. No traffic hangups.
Our little one looked like she was ready to get settled in, doesn't she! Actually, Kalee handled the trip really well for her first time! She slept the entire time in the car until we would take her out for breaks. She was confused about where we were but in the end she is now settled in like the Florida house is her old house! I'll be updating her blog with pics later...some are quite cute!
This is what the back of our car looked like on Tuesday when we left home.
And just to show some Christmas gifts! This is a wreath Nick made. Isn't it special..he said it took 300 sandwich bags! It's hard to show up on our white doors but best picture I could take in a hurry. Thanks, Nick!
Our wonderful neighbors Lori and Randy got us these Christmas ornaments! Long story on the spelling of Kalee's name...blame it on my room mate! That's ok...he still doesn't know what color my eyes are!

So weather is perfect here in Ocala...yesterday it was 72 last I looked at temp and this a.m. Kalee and I already took our walk, ran in the back yard, came in and she had to have another mini bath (even with dog boots on she got wet and dirty from dew and lawn!). Today I'm going to get my sewing room set up so I can start on Monday back to art work!! I'm having withdrawal for sure! Our dance cards are already filling up with dinners and parties but that's our Florida life! Now I know what I just want to stay home when we get back to Michigan! We are on the go constantly in Florida! Vacation is tough isn't it!


  1. Welcome, welcome !! The weather has been use for the long pants and sweaters yet.
    If you're thinking of a trip 30 mi south, plan on stopping by and saying Hi !! S

  2. Happy new year, Robbie! I'm glad your trip was safe and I hope you have a creative and prosperous new year!


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