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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Outline stitiching done

I managed to finish the hand stitching around my leaves last night. I talked about the great suggestion by Jill Buckley (The Quilt Rat) on my post here. I really like the look on the leaves now! THANKS so much, Jill!
I'm anxious to get started stitching my other pieces and then attaching them each to the canvas...although, that won't happen until we get to Florida. Just too much going on with the holidays, making a quilt for Christmas (yes, a quilt!), shopping for gifts and packing. The packing of clothes doesn't take place until the day before we leave. That's pretty easy to do. I do start putting together my paints/supplies I want to take with me in a basket as I think of them. I pack those items in the car the day before as well. We have this packing thing down pat, but you have to look at your 'leaving for Florida' list to make sure you've done everything!

So for our Florida friends and my sister (she lives in Penna. and they had 50 degrees yesterday!), here are some shots of Michigan's weather which started a few days ago! You can see more of our Snow Dog on her blog here! What a hoot! Mandy had to be forced to go outside in the snow! This one you have to force to come back inside!
Yes, it's pretty but give me the Florida sunshine! I'm ready!


  1. The butterfly/leaves piece is perfect. The outlining really brought the leaves forward.

    We got just a bit of that snow, though it depended on where you were. Terry works just 3 miles south of me and they got 4 more inches than we did. Go figure.

  2. I love the butterfly piece -- it's just gorgeous!
    I'm already sick of winter -- and it hasn't even snowed here yet. Take me with you! PLEEEEEEZE!!!


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