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Friday, December 16, 2011

Yes, I've been busy!

Yes, I've been busy and some of it has to do with uploading pics to blogger. I'm too lazy to redo/upload again so the pic to the left of the shawl will be explained further down in this post! It's a Berroco free pattern...

So on Wednesday I stayed with the kids and my son for dinner...carry out from one of our favorite Italian restaurants...yum. We had a nice evening together. Kids and I started to play Monopoly before dinner and got some more playing in after. We had 'dad' be the banker but then 7:00 p.m. came and my car was turning into a pumpkin so Darrin put all our bank cards and property in sandwich bags so we can play out the game this weekend. I'm staying overnight with the kids while Darrin and Kris go away for a quick weekend. Auntie has kids tonight and will get them again on Sunday.

I had to post pics of Spike! Is he cute or what! I think he's the neatest pet. Darrin brings him down to feed him at night and to let him walk around some.

He also likes to climb on my son's back! And almost made it down my son's pants!

This was one of my chores this wash Bob's golf hats so he 'shines' on the golf course in Florida!
These are only the ones I washed! Bob must have 20+ hats he takes to Florida with him...along with 8 pairs of shoes (at least!).
In between at night, I've been knitting again. I found some yarn I purchased last year but forgot all about it! Hard to believe, I know! This is a ribbon type yarn and really is quite pretty in person. I've made this pattern's called a Ponshawl and it's quite easy to knit up. The free pattern is by Berroco and this is my 3rd one. The other two I made using Berroco's suede yarn. The first pic in this post is the one I made last year.

This is the purple/green suede one I made about 3 or 4 years ago.

So that's been my week so far! I actually got all my sewing supplies or at least 95% of them packed and ready for the car! We're leaving on the 27th so we try to get our toys packed up first. Clothes don't get pack until the day before we leave! We have this packing down to a science so it's not really traumatic for us anymore! Well, have to pack some more...for the weekend! Kalee's toys, bed and crates will take me longer to load in the car than anything!


  1. Hummmm.....Spike cute??? You are a good person!

  2. Definitely pack toys first! There are tons of clothing stores in FL, but you need to have your "things" for sewing, beading, golfing. Spike.. well, cute was not the first thought that came to mind. But now that you mention it, he has a certain charm.


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