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Friday, February 12, 2010

More Zens

Last week Carol and I went to Michaels and I picked up a pad of black artist paper which was 50% off. I also picked up a white gel pen..ok, I bought two, and I started playing around with white on black zentangles. I love the look and with the contrast of b/w the doodling really shows up. Hmmmmmm another quilt in the making, right!! For sure...but I have to put that on the back burner for now. More on what all I'm working on later.

Here's another one I made the other night. I'm not sure what shape I was going for! But I guess that's the fun of just don't know what you'll end up with.
Now I do know the shape I was looking for here...actually, the picture should be turned clockwise as I trying for a 'kite' shape. I'm going to do a 'kite' for my March BJP2010 journal piece so I wanted to practice some 'zens'. This one turned out to look more like a shell!
OK, now this is getting more like a kite shape..again, turn your head sideways and you'll see the kite. I'm too lazy and have too many other things to do so I'm not deleting pics and turning and uploading...yep, I'm a lazy girl!
Ditto for this one..turn your head to the left...these are pages of my 'zens' that I'm coloring in and putting in a paper journal that I'm going to start on next. This particular design I used in making a fiber Valentine for my friend out west. I traced my design on black fabric and did the stitching in red and white...if I remember correctly! I'll be posting some of the fiber postcards I made this weekend sometime, after my friends each received theirs.
Here's another one of my zens that I made last fall or summer. I just used some setacolor or acrylic paints to color the pages. The purple doesn't go so great with the doodling that I had already colored in but that's ok.
This is the back of one of my zentangle designs. I wanted both sides to be colored in or at least have no white pages. I used bubble wrap on this page.
The two circles were cut out and glued to my page then painted over.
Ditto for this design. I cut out the triangle and glued then colored over it.
OK, so there has to be a really ugly page, right...this is it. I'm going to add some more color or design of doodling on the background...really ugly right now. This butterfly will end up as one of the months in my BJP2010 journal pieces. I think it will look great beaded.

I also took a bead class this week that was so much fun! It's a free form peyote bracelet and I actually started another one already. I also signed up for another peyote class (tube peyote) next week. I'll post pics of my bracelet(s) tomorrow.
Weather here has been so unusual and cold and rainy. Rain again right now so Bob's not golfing and not a happy camper. He did golf yesterday but came home so cold so he ended up taking a hot bath which made his mood a little better! I still think it's better than being back in Michigan and having the snow and cold to contend with. Most days the sun is still out when it's cold here but today it is gray and overcast..very depressing looking. So to cheer myself up I'll do something creative! Off to doing some designing, sewing and journaling!

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  1. These are really wonderful. I have tried zentagling a bit but can't seem to get the hang of it, not happy with my stupid doodles. But I sure like yours and the colored ones are also great. I'm sure your butterfly will be wonderful beaded.


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