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Friday, December 12, 2008

You Know You're Getting Old When....

Well, aren't we just the social butterflies lately! Another late night of dinner and conversation with friends. We did have a delightful evening know you're getting old when the conversation is about "we just installed a $500 toilet". "It's higher then normal and so easy to use" (more info then I wanted to hear!) and then there's the conversation about installing "a hand rail" and of course the usual medical conditions! Yikes! I've become my great aunt! I just had to laugh thinking of the conversations at our table last night. Bob and I have been so fortunate with our health (so we stayed out of that conversation!) but it is interesting on where we focus our energy at this time in our lives. For Bob, it's golf (which is a good thing!). Keeps him active, mentally challenged and out of the house (ha). For me, it's the grand kids and my art. We are blessed and I do thank the 'big guy' for all we have. It's a 20 degree morning and we should reach somewhere in the mid to high 20's. Some slight snow falling but no accumulation today. I did make two more fiber cards yesterday just to keep me busy! Can't wait to show them in February!
The quilt pictured above is one Dawn Marie made a few years back after attending a workshop by Debra Danko. I quilted it for her along with four other pieces for her Christmas present last year. She did a great job on the piece but now her interests are in digital photography which is just as impressive as her art quilts.

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