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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Date Night

Tonight is my last date night with the 'kids' for 2008. I'm actually going to stay overnight so that way the big 'kids' don't have to worry about getting home early so 'grammie' doesn't have to drive home late at night! :) Kids and I can have a pajama party tonight and we're going to make some cinnamon rolls that were on GMA. Something to look forward to for breakfast. Wonder if I can make them low fat?? Hmmmm

It was 18 degrees this a.m. with high in the 30's today and 40's and rain tomorrow! You just never know with Michigan weather that's for sure. So for some eye candy today, the picture above is a small quilt doilie (it's what I call me small pieces) that I did this fall. I actually cut into my quilted piece then beaded around the cut out circles. Scary to cut into your quilted work but I liked the results. I hope to do more of this type of work in 2009.

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