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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Late Night! (for us that is!)

A mere 9 degrees this a.m. but we're expecting a heat wave of upper 20's today! Bob and I had a late night last night (didn't get home until 10!). It's a sure sign of old age when everyone is talking about how late it is (not!) rather then what a good time we're having!
We attended one of Bob's friends installation into the Mason's as the Worshipful Master for 2009. I'm not familiar with organizations like the Mason's but I have to say I was impressed by the 'event'. The installing office, James Williams, was fantastic! This man had the entire presentation/installation memorized! We aren't talking about a 5 min. deal here. His part took over an hour to install all of the officers and he did so with such emotion and elegance. Mr. Williams explained each officers responsibilities and the symbolism associated with their installation. All in all it was a very interesting experience.

I did complete another fiber post card (can't show pics until after Feburary - you never know who might get one!). I'm really on a roll this year with ideas for my Valentines post cards. Too many ideas! So here's another card I made last year. Just so you have a picture to look at!

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