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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Countdown to Christmas!

Just wanted to put something to look at on my entry today. This is a fiber post card I made this past fall. It's called a 'mono print' for my non fiber family members. I painted thickened dye on a piece of glass and then drew a pear into the dye. A piece of fabric is placed on top of your design, carefully lifted off and you get a print. You can do this same process on paper using acrylic paint.

For this piece I scanned in the large pear mono print I had made, reduced it to smaller size, then printed it on a piece of organza. I sewed the pear onto my background piece, trimmed the pear, then embellished it with beading. Fun to do.

Amber called yesterday morning to tell us she lost a tooth. Actually, she 'removed' it on her own as she said it was bugging her. Darrin or Kris are supposed to take a picture of her so I'm anxious to see our little girl minus a tooth.

It's 8 degrees and gray so today will be a good day to cook, after I meet some friends for coffee that is! Starting to get ready for Christmas Eve with kids and Christmas Day breakfast with Diane & Don (Bob's daughter and hubby). At least we'll eat good before we head to Florida! OK, so we eat REALLY well in Florida and we eat out often! So different then when we are in Michigan. But that's why we feel Florida is like a 3 month vacation. You do things that you don't normally do at home! Five more days and we'll be on vacation!!

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