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Monday, December 8, 2008

Count Down

19 degrees today and gray but lots to keep us busy in the house to prepare for Florida and Christmas! We are still trying to figure out exactly what day we are leaving for Florida. We're able to get into the rental house early so arriving even a day early will be nice. Bob's always in a golf tournment on the 1st of January so this way he can 'practice' a day ahead. We're now looking at leaving on the 27th or 28th and heading to Indiana to see the kids then head to KY then Macon, Ga.
Finished working on some Christmas quilts yesterday and actually made a small 'doilie' quilt for our neighbors dog! We watch Coty for them and he needed a quilt for his dog crate. He's a hoot and has lots of energy to keep Mandy on the go! Check out the video of them playing! Yep, Mandy does play! I'll be posting pictures of the quilts I finished after Christmas.

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  1. Rob, Its great to see Mandy is a normal dog. Not just a Princess. I would love to have a blog page . Where do you begin??


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