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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time to play along!

OK, so I don't need another project do I....but I can't resist a 'play along'!

So.....for those of you not familiar with Lynn Krawczyk, first off, you're missing out so head over to her web site.  Second, Lynn is having a weekly Wednesday  'play along'!  No, you don't have to have a quilt finished each week!  Yea, 'whew' to that!  Actually, Lynn has been 'creating' a pattern a day for over a month.  What started off as a monthly project was so creative she decided to continue!  And now she's asking us to play along with her.

Here is the link to Lynn's blog post on details.  I thought I would recap from her post on "how it works":  
* Every week I’m going to draw a new pattern. Basically whatever strikes my fancy – circles, triangles, colors, black and white. Sky’s the limit! I invite you to do the same! If you don’t normally draw in a sketchbook and the idea doesn’t thrill you, create the pattern however you like most.
* Post your creation to your blog and then come back here and share your post with everyone following along can come visit you. (There will be a widget at the bottom of every Weekly Pattern Wednesday post starting next week on May 20. This is the invitation post so you get a full week to make your pattern.)
* Post to social media using the hashtag #weeklypatternwednesday so other people can come play along!
I decided I am going to play along but instead of a sketchbook, I'm going to use luggage tags.  They are small, you can use them for bookmarks and I can give them away!  Who knows...maybe I'll put them in a collage when finished or incorporate them in some art work.   
I'm always looking at new quilting patterns, making my own stamps, etc. and this might be another good way to audition a design!  So I'm in!!!  How about you??  Up for Lynn's  'play along'??


  1. Very cool luggage tag. It looks like the middle is stuffed -- is it?

  2. This looks like fun and you have a great tag now. I, however, am not a doodler and believe me I have tried. Therefore I shall enjoy your weekly artwork. Creative Tag Bliss...

  3. Nice! And you've chosen a manageable size for your projects.