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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just another Wednesday...wait it's Thursday!

How time flies!!  Neither Bob nor I know what day it is...thank goodness for Larry and Jan coming over through the week!  At least we know it's either a Tuesday or Thursday!  Every day seems like the same.
I am making progress on two projects....a little hand stitching on this one.....

And laying out my hex's for the horse background.....

Thanks to Beth for getting me organized and her suggestion to make a 'design' board that I can move around...duh!!  Although, in all fairness, this is the largest hex piece I've first was only 11.5" x16.5"  called "Road Less Traveled" can see it here on my blog.
This piece needs to be 22" x 18".

Yep, I'm still making more hexes!

 I'll be playing around with the layout/fabrics but you get the idea!!

Tonight is dinner with the 'gang' here at our community restaurant!  We all enjoy Blanca's meals and they make a good margarita!  Go figure!


The Inside Stori said... social as you still accomplish soooo much. Loving it!!!

Createology said...

More Hexies and your Horse will be a new and exciting version to the first Hexie Horse you created. Sew Fabulous Dear...