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Friday, March 13, 2015

Finding his home!

So the bird might be finding his home soon!  I did get all but his feet and eye finished (they'll be put on when he's attached to quilted background).

And yes, I've cut him away from the stabilizer and any areas that showed any white I just used a Sharpie marker and colored around the outside of the bird.

Earlier in the week I  painted some sky fabric...I was a tad lazy and didn't want to do the who soda soak/wait for dye to react I grabbed a bottle of blue Liquitex Ink and diluted some with water.

Then I wet a fat quarter, actually 2 fat quarters!, and just squished (that's such a technical term so I hope you know what it means!) both pieces in a cup!  Once again I "squished" each piece and hung on pant hangers outside to dry.

You can see the sky fabric before it was quilted in the piece above and here.

Yesterday I quilted the background and I'm happy with how it turned out....especially since I haven't done any free motion quilting in months!

I'm not sure why it's showing a 'brownish' tint on the right hand's really white in those spaces!  Now it's back to that darn cactus.  Google here I come!


Nancy said...

It's surprising how different the bird looks at each step! Squishing and quilting your way to completion.

Gayle from MI said...

You don't fol me. You are just trying to copy that whole blue/gold dress thing 😁