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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eaton Beach

Yesterday, Nancy,  Kay and I met up for our 1st visit this winter.

 Nancy and I arrived at Kay's with show and tell in hand!  First up was Nancy showing some of the  pieces she painted  at a Mickey Lawler's workshop!  I took pictures of almost every piece but can't show them here are some of my favorites...I think Nancy did a great job and can't wait to see what she does with some of these!  They are wonderful!

 Yes, I tried to steal them but she was quick to wrap them up and take them with her!  Was it my drool that made her suspicious!?

Next, we got to see some of Kay's pieces she's been working on.
This piece Kay painted on silk then machine quilted...that's a piece of her shibori on the border around the painting.  Very nice!

Also, Kay had some pieces all sandwiched and waiting to be quilted!  I forgot to take a picture but I think she had at least five, six or more waiting!  In fact, there was one under the presser foot on her machine! Yep, I forgot to take that picture too!!   But here are some of Kay's recent pieces (you can go to her blog  to see what she's always been up to!)

I love the quilting Kay did on this piece and check out the border!  Love that...

Kay satin stitched this piece and the one above...neat effect isn't it!

I've always enjoyed Kay's work and seeing them in person is always so much better than on her blog.  Guess you'll just have to make Kay your new best friend so you can visit her in Florida and see her work...past, present and future projects!

I brought some of my recent and past pieces...but "ya all" reading my blog have seen these so I'm not posting here.  Anyway, after our show and tell  off went drove to have lunch at Eaton Beach Sandbar and Grill!  After a long....long...wait (and we even did the 'call ahead') we had a great lunch.  It's an open restaurant and lucky for us, a beautiful day!!

I walked down to steps to the area below where we had lunch. Really nice beach...great looking isn't it!  Talk about relaxing!  And check out that sky!

So, the 3 Amigo's ate, talked, laughed and will get together again this winter!  Nancy is off to Guatemala this next week!  Talk about exciting!  Then upon her return she and hubby will be off to a Tiger baseball game here in Florida for spring training!  Kay and I will be sitting by our machines and beads working away...waiting for Nancy to show pics of her trip and the baseball she'll catch at the game!

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The Inside Stori said...

Like I told Kay....I'm pea green.....looks like you had a wonderful fun day!