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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bone Fish Grill

Well, another night of 14 hungry seniors!  Thursday night we had a great meal at Bone Fish Grill...I had the fish dinner, which was delicious and Bob had Bang Bang Shrimp and crab of the better meals we've had at Bone Fish and wine was only $3.25 a glass!  A girl has to be careful on spending $$'s on her wine you know!

Just such a fun night...and sorry to say I didn't get everyone's pic...Jan and Bob...sorry!  Next time I'll make them sit together so I get their pictures!
So for posterity sake, here are some pics from that night!

John, Patrick, Ron and Harvey hiding!

Larry and Jan (no, not his wife, Jan)

Mac and yes, it's Larry again!

Jan, Susan and Verna

Verna, Patricia and Marilyn

Patrick, Ron (yes, he waves alot!) Harvey...Mac hiding and Larry being Larry!

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