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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The path to h__ or what was I thinking!

This was the view on our walk the other night.  Kalee doesn't look up (too busy sniffing) but I love seeing the sky at sunset!

 And lights from Christmas decorations is so funny to see in Florida!  But very pretty!
Geezzz, what was I intentions yesterday was to start working on my structure piece BUT I forgot that I needed to stitch down the seams before I even attempt to do any hand stitching.  AND my sewing machine was in for service.
The good news is the Bernina tech called me late yesterday and my machine is fixed. Well, at least we think it is fixed!  The power cord attachment felt loose and the tech said he 'tweaked' the unit and couldn't get my 'problem' recreated!  Woohoo!!!  So we're hoping that was the problem!  And no charge!  I do feel bad about that as I know he spent a few hours playing with it, as he called me twice to keep me updated on what all he was doing.  I'll have to stop and get some treat to take as a thank you.  I'll pick it up on Monday...just didn't want to go anywhere yesterday!

Our weather has been quite the high 70's and low 80's..I finally put the air on, even with the constant breeze we  have just wasn't enough!
We are going to be back to 'normal' temps this week, which is in the high 60's or mid 70's.  That's my kind of weather.  I really like have the windows open and the breeze blowing through the house.

As for me...I think the last few weeks have caught up with me.  I'm pooped!  Yes, I'm admitting it!  Don't want to but....sometimes we just have to admit it.  I did laundry, etc. yesterday but ended up knitting and watching some Netflix on TV.  Kalee and I had our walk this a.m. and now I'm headed to the shower then to do some more knitting or start designing my Valentine fiber cards!  My car is probably feeling neglected by just sitting for 2 days!


  1. rest up and stay healthy. the flu epidemic has hit our house. 3 days in bed with fluids and no food, two more recouping in the recliner, but it looks like I'll get back to the recliner when I catch up on the news.

  2. Oh how I would love those 80 degrees. Lovely sunset! We had a beautiful sunset and then the full Wolf moon was amazing. Honor your feeling tired my friend...

  3. Keeping a high-energy pace can catch up for sure! Glad you'll have your machine again. I have a hard time letting go of it when it's time for service, and tend to put it off. Not that I use it every minute, but having it here is like Linus and his security blanket!