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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day at Spruce Creek!

I met up with Kay today, along with another friend of hers, Nancy.  First we had lunch then off to an Art Quilt Group meeting at Spruce Creek in Summerfield.

  Kay is a member of the art guild and, it just so happened,  I  did a trunk show there about two years ago.  They are a nice group of ladies with skills all over the place!  What a fun group.  And before I forget ladies, the thread I use for my beading is called Silamide and I purchase online from The Beadwrangler's Thread Shop.   Some bead shops do carry smaller amounts on cards but it's more economical to purchase a spool.  They will last forever and the thread is great for beading on quilts and canvas.

I'm loading these pics as 'small' because I took so many of them!  Just click on the ones you want to have a closer look at.  The meeting was so interesting....and at the end of show and tell, they had a great discussion based on Ann Johnston's book, The Quilters Book of Design.  They used the book as a way to discuss design principles.  Really a fun exchange and quite interesting!    I have more pics but having a hard time getting them turned enjoy what's here!  I apologize for not putting names on each of the pics but I have a hard time remembering Wednesday's are 99 cents margarita night!  My grand daughter has to call and remind me!  So you can see why I don't remember everyone's name!
This was a prayer flag created by Beth for the 'teacher' on the left!

This is flyer from the exhibit in Hawaii for interesting!!!

Hard to see but pics of the 'Kapa' on display .

Member showing how to 'hoop' a large quilt for quilting/embroidery work.

A free form quilt Kay is working on.  Go to her blog to see more of her work!

A member's first attempt at Kay's method for free form.  Nice!

Old Dresden Plates - I think she had 18 of them!!!  Wow!

One of Kay's current finished pieces!

I don't remember what this little 'thing' was called...nicely done.

Another smaller piece from a workshop

The following are a challenge between two ladies...a 12 x 12 quilt a month for 12 months!  

These were so interesting!!!

Really cool aren't they!


  1. What a great time you had.....aren't days like, friends, and show and tell....just the best!?!

  2. A fun day was had by all. It was nice to meet you Robbie.

  3. Getting together to share ideas, techniques, fun and laughter is always such energizing fun. Robbie you do the most interesting full range of enjoying life. Bless you dear.