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Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Already! Yikes!

I can't believe it's April 6th already!!  Where has the winter gone!  Where have I been!  Well......I haven't beaded since early this week but almost finished the left side of the leaf!

My plan is to finish up another two small projects today & tomorrow (I'll show  later this week) then finish up a few more blocks on Ian's quilt  and I'll be finished with quilting the panels!  Woo Hoo!!!

Then it's on to adding sashing and joining the panels, then to quilting the sashing.  I have a feeling I may not get the binding on the quilt until we get back to Michigan, which should be around the 1st weekend in May.

I think the quilt is turning out to my original plan, which makes me's just been hard to quilt with the thickness of the panels.  Even with the feed dogs down, it's been a challenge to quilt.  Not my best quilting by any means but it will hold together, that's for sure!

I am rather excited about an upcoming excursion a few of my friends and I are going on the middle of the month!  ZIP LINING!!!  You can read about our 'tour'  on The Canyons Zip Line web site.  We are doing the Express Tour!!!  I am so excited....Marcia and I stopped at the Canyon's on Friday to check out Canyons and we were both impressed with the staff.  We talked for a few minutes with one staffer who gave us some good info.  Just a bit of trivia....on one of the full tours, a zip line goes over 40 mph!!!  Seriously!??

Marcia is a buddy that's attempting this feat with me (we're both afraid of heights!) and we're bringing with us a seasoned zip liner, Eunice!  Eunice is a daredevil who has zipped before (she also came with us last year to the Elephant preserve).   I'm so glad she's coming to zip with us because she'll give us the support we need!!!  So stay tuned for that post!!!!  At least I hope I'll be abe to post about it!  Yikes!

And yes, that's two glasses of wine!  After the 'tour', Marcia and I stopped in Micanopy to browse the antique and book stores.  Then off we went to our favorite restaurant, The Blue Highway!  We felt we deserved the glass of wine!  We're probably need two glasses each after our zip lining!!  We may need a DD that day!


  1. Robbie your beaded leaf must be getting very heavy to hold with the weight of all those beautiful beads. This T-Shirt quilt will be very warm and wonderful. Wine goes with everything...especially friends and shopping. Creative Bliss Dear...

  2. OH Yay!! I zip lined once about 10 years ago and it was fabulous!! I think you will love it!

  3. Maybe you better have those two glasses before you zip! The express tour was not available when my family went. That's a more appealing option to me. You sure had a challenge with the t-shirt quilt, but it's coming along nicely. So is the beaded leaf. This winter has flown by for sure!

  4. What a commitment on that leaf! and it shows. I love the color variation, especially those little green beads. Wow. Beauitful!


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