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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More food (go figure!), friends and fun!

Before I show our night at the Freezer, I have started hand stitching on my 2nd GAYG background I made last December.  You can see how I made this background on my post here.
This is the what I plan to  use for my beaded leaf.  I'll attached to canvas, using a gallery wrap the attached the beaded leaf onto both the background and least that's my plan.

The first picture (above) was taken with my phone and the gold color looks rather pale.  I think it's more true in color on these next two pics, which I took with my camera.

It's hard to see the black stitching above and harder to see the tan/brown cotton thread I'm using here on the left!

The black shows up well on the red but the beaded leaf will be the main focus so the thread work doesn't have to stand as the main focus.  I just love doing this type of hand stitching.

Here is a picture of the whole piece...

 So now on to food, fun and friends...8 of us headed out early yesterday afternoon to Jan & Larry's for them to direct & join us at The Freezer!  No, we still don't know how to get there.  Of course, the GPS could guide us but it wouldn't be the same without our hostess and host (Jan & Larry!).  And of course we always stop at DQ on the way home!  We blame it on Larry, but secretly we're all glad he wants to stop!
 Of course, we always start our meal out with this huge pretzel!  Yes, I ate the whole thing!   So did Bob and he even ate a cup of clam chowder soup!
The steamed shrimp is the best around and The Freezer has so much atmosphere...just a fun place to dine...but you have to like shrimp or fish!  They do have other 'fish' on the menu but the steamed shrimp is what folks go there for.
We had a great time and most likely this is our last visit for this year,   just too many other restaurants and meeting up with folks to fit in another 'fine dining' experience at The Freezer!

AND TOMORROW IS MY ZIP LINE DATE WITH SOME OTHER LADIES!!!  WE ARE ALL SO EXCITED.  We were suppose to go today but the forecast (& it turned out to be fairly accurate) was high winds and rain all day.  Bob didn't even golf we rescheduled zip lining until Wed.  I'm hoping they take video's or at least pictures...I'll be too busy holding on for dear life to hold a camera!!!


  1. That background is really interesting and can't wait to see the beaded leaf placed on it. Nice combo. Hold onto your hat- time to zip. Have fun!

  2. Love the background.....I know the leaf will look smashing on it. AND...speaking of smashing......personally, I'd skip the zip line thing.....grinning.....


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