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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let me introduce the ZIPPERS!

Eunice, me, Marcia and Nako! 
Off we headed yesterday afternoon to the Canyons Zip Line!  And we did it!!!  We zipped our little hearts out - all five zips!  That's right!!!  We zipped from tree to tree for five, heart stopping zips...loving each minute!!!  It was a blast!!!

I was impressed with the organization and staff at The Canyons!  Just a fun staff and yet very professional and made us feel at ease, even while we stood up on the platforms waiting to 'jump'!!   Yes, we all stood around a platform just like this...except each of ours had a tree in the middle, which is what I held onto!
 Here are our guides, Jamie and Craig!  Jamie would hook us up and give us the confidence to 'jump' and zip!  Craig was at the other end to make sure we didn't smack into a tree or get stuck half way out on the zip (more on that later in this post!), which does happen!

We were also joined on our tour by two other fun ladies.  One of them was over 73 or 75 in age...I can't remember but I give her all the credit in the world.
In the picture below of Nako, follow the zip line behind her and if you look close you'll see where it goes up into a tree...that's where we jumped off of!  Just to give you a little perspective!
Eunice making her way across!

Nako zipping across...but stay tuned....

Yep, that's me!  Lovin the view!

And what or who is this!!!????

Appears someone (Nako!) is so little that she didn't make it to the end of the zip and onto the platform!  So

Craig had to go out and tow Nako to the platform!!  When Nako took off and was about 1/2 way out, Jamie said "she's not going to make it!"....guess they do this job enough to know when someone will 'zip' all the way or not.  This was by far the longest zip....I just don't remember how far they said it was...I just remember the "110 feet from the water below"!

I do give kudos's to each of the ladies...although, Eunice has zipped she was our backbone!  And this is my bud, Marcia, who agreed to zip with me!!!   This wasn't her first choice for an adventure but she was game to do it and I'm so glad she did!  Same with Nako...she and Marcia are friends and Nako is game for anything!

We did have a great time...and of course, after our zip, we stopped for some food and drink....although, it was Karaoke night at the clubhouse and a little hard to talk, but we still managed some conversation and celebration!!!  After all, how many times to you get an opportunity to ZIP!!  If you do, don't pass it up!!!  I'm deathly afraid of heights and hugged the tree at the end of each zip...that was the hard part...the easy part was jumping off and zipping! The views were amazing!!!!  So WOOHOO!!!!  We did it!!!!!  Thanks to The Canyons and their staff (& to Jamie and Craig)  for providing us a memory we'll not soon forget!

Now to plan next years adventure!!!!


  1. Good for you! Looks like a beautiful day for it- not too hot, no rain. Check that adventure off the list as a big success!

  2. Now you are my hero...I'm duly impressed!!

  3. Great!! I knew you'd love it!!
    Happy Easter.

  4. Fantastic! I'd have joined you, looks like great fun. You are all showing your exuberant youthful qualities.

  5. Wow -- looks like a blast!
    Suggestion for your next adventure...skydiving!
    My husband got me a skydiving lesson for Valentines day a few years ago. Cause, you know, nothing says I love you, quite like having your spouse jump from a perfectly fine plane with a stranger strapped to her!
    Seriously -- it's an amazing experience that should be on every adventurer's bucket list.

  6. Oh Robbie you are one very brave lady and your friends! I love that you tried it and loved it. I have zero adventure in me so I miss all the fun (?). You are so beautiful even when zipping through the trees and canyon. Bless you dear...


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