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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Countdown is on!!!'s that time for sure....packing, eating out, cleaning, eating out....yada, yada....we'll be leaving a week from today!  Hard to hand I feel like we just got here and on the other's hard to leave... but I will be glad to get back and see the kids!  And get back to my dye/paint room to "fling some paint" ,this is a common saying from Lynn K!.   I have her new book and I'm so anxious to play!!!

So when I have a few minutes I do work on my leaf!!
 Just in case you forgot what it looked like before I started adding my beads.....see I am making progress and I just might be finished by fall!

Wednesday was our last night for 99 cent margarita night!  Boohoo!!!  We had a fun night with our buds and didn't even bring home leftovers!   Sure will miss this place!

Yes, that's Jerry (far right) trying to be our photographer but I beat him to the punch!

And beside dinner out, occasionally I've eaten lunch out as surprise there, right!  Well, the Zippers met for lunch yesterday to talk about our zipping and what trouble we can get into next year!

Marcia, myself, Nako and Eunice had a great lunch at the Blue Highway...but this time we ate at the restaurant're severed on glass dishes rather than plastic plates and cups.  My wine was even in a glass!  Woo hoo!!!  We could get spoiled!  Anyway, Nako and Eunice are interested in jumping from a plane!!!  Marcia and I will take them to the airport and watch the whole process and record the 'event' for them!  Jumping out of a plane is something I will not do!!!  Anyway, that's the plan right now....I have enjoyed my time with these ladies and really looking forward to next year and seeing the trouble we can get into!!!    Like I need encouragement!  


  1. Gosh it seems like you just get settled in and are having a blast with friends and activities and then it is time to re-pack and travel home again. Love how you enjoy life and friends and food and friends and life...

  2. But...I bet you are ready to get back to your family.....

  3. Just cannot believe you are in countdown already. Good we stay in touch through our blogs... never got to see each other! We will be at First Friday with the opportunity quilt for the guild again Friday night if you get down there. But I know how busy you keep. Jumping out of a plane?? I don't think so. Take pics of the brave ones! The bead project is moving along and looks better and better. The color beads are very rich.

  4. Beautiful leaf, Robbie. I think I already said it but really love the bead colors you chose. Just enough variation to show off the veins against the colors on the leaf. So nice.

  5. Your leaf is coming along beautifully! No need to hurry it, fall will be a perfect time to finish it.
    Your friends are very daring! I'd zip but I would not jump out of a perfectly good airplane.


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