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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last outing for a few days! I hope!!!

Arriving this past Sunday and I've been on the run every day so far this week!  Today, because it was raining and no golf, Bob went with me to take Grace to the vet.  There is a wonderful aviary vet here in Ocala, All Pets Clinic, who Grace has visited each year we arrive - mainly for her beak and nail trim.
This year, however, Grace hasn't looked very good...she's been eating, playing, talking...normal bird things but just wouldn't stop a molt.  So today after $400 (actually $398!) spent for blood work, cultures, vitamins, etc. we're hoping she'll be on the mend.

Poor Grace was put through the ringer...the vet had to try and get blood from 4 different places on her body...she said the had too much fat over the veins and really had to struggle to get enough blood for a workup.  After all that...Grace got four shots (two on each side) of her rib cage!  Yikes!

I have to give her vitamins and other meds twice a day for the next week or so.  We'll have all the blood results and cultures back by Saturday.  Let's hope it's nothing serious and is just a vitamin deficiency.  Oh, and she's not allowed to have people treats!  Like bagels, peanut butter (her favorite), cream cheese, pizza...just like Kalee, who is only allowed dog food, special dog biscuits and chicken breast....Grace is only allowed small amts of her fruit/veggies in the a.m. then only her pellets.  The vet did say we can give her Nutriberries, which is a pellet/fruit treat.   Mainly so we don't feel guilty when we're eating! about worry!!! I do have so much confidence in Dr. Billiar.  She's a wonderful vet who cares for all different exotic animals.  I love seeing the photographs in her office of her working on snakes, giraffes, name it and she has a photo of one on her wall!  She's wonderful with the birds and I value her opinion.   We just don't have that type of aviary vet care back in Michigan, at least close to us.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to show some art work, finally.  I did start playing with some foiling to make my horse for the Ugo piece....interesting...just not sure it will be what I'll end up with.  But that's least I'm playing with my artwork again!


  1. Oh, I feel for your poor little bird. It sounds like you have a great vet, so I'm sure she'll pull through.

  2. Prayers for your little Grace. Having a competent vet really gives peace of mind. Happy New Year Blessings Dear...