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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Playing with Color Magnet

Lynn Krawczyk from Smudged Textile Studio had a post from guest artist, Lynda Heines, on using the product Color Magnet...I'm not going into the details on the can go to Lynn's blog and read Lynda's great post...she's better at explaining the product and process!

I'm just going to show you what I did with it...would I use it again...maybe...depending on what I wanted to create.  It is a cool product and better than stamping with fabric paints, etc.  - soft hand to fabric.  I'm just not sure...I understand there is an article in QA this month on using it as well.  I haven't seen the article as I don't get QA any more...I'll have to read it when I'm standing in line at JoAnn's!  Anyway, here are my results!
These are some of the fabrics I used.

White fabric stenciled with Color Magnet

Dyed fabric - you can see the Color magnet areas are deeper in

Screen printed using Color Magnet

Ditto on screen printing

This one above is interesting...I stamped some letters onto fabric then took dye powder and dusted it on the wet Color Magnet...this was cool.  I let the Color Magnet dry overnight then just washed out the dye powder.  I might use this method again...some of the smudges are from the funky stamps I used...the 'P' came out pretty good.

So that's it...Lions are on!  So this fan has to watch them play!  May the best team or the luckiest team win, Mary!


  1. Well.....they did.......though there are still 3 minutes left.....and yikes....another Pack touchdown!!!!!

    Sorry....cause I know the sinking feeling.....we've had it twice this year already......

  2. Oh boy... another new and interesting product! Nice results.