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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More rings

Yep, I'm on a kick of making rings now. I've just run out of people to give them to!
I made these for myself the other day. the lighter shade is actually pink and crystal and looks quite nice on. I wear a lot of spring colors/green so I'll get lots of use wearing the green one.
The loom bracelet is coming along fine although, I switch back and forth from beading rings, to beading the butterfly, to zentangling to working on a new small quilt project!! Yes, type A personalities do wander quite a bit!!

My friend back in Michigan is having a BD on Sat. She received my zentangle BD card so I can post the picture now. I'm sure I'll forget on Sat. to post a Happy Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carol!
Carol and I met at a quilting class back in 2000 and have been 'quilting' since! Carol does beautiful work and has a quilt that is published in the Lark 500 Quilts Nature book that will be out this fall. Her piece is stunning so congrats goes her way for that too!
Today I present Louise with her small quilt I made and I get the gray removed from my head! Geezzz I'm also taking some pet supplies to give Louise that we don't use anymore. Louise volunteers at the no-kill shelter here in Ocala and I think they'll make use of some of the supplies.
Another beautiful day here in Ocala, although, my son called from Michigan yesterday and said "mom, it's 54 degrees!"...he wants snow for the kids as Nick is learning to snowboard and Amber got some skis. I'm sure the snow will come just hope it's not when we get home in the spring!! That's happened before!

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  1. Hi Robbie, I guess I haven't been by for awhile, you have been very busy it seems. After you first posted about making these rings long ago, I made a couple for myself. they are fun and easy. I just bought a bead loom and am ready to try some more weaving. Your work is that inspiring!