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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finally some computer time!

I've really been busy doing other things so my computer time has been limited! Quite unusual for me but our life has been quite unusual since Kalee, hasn't it! But that's a good thing!
I finished and mailed off my fiber card to my secret Valentine back home. She doesn't do the blog thing so I can post her card here. I just happened to bring to Florida this piece of paper fabric I made a few years ago, so I tangled on it; added a suede heart and beaded using the rope pattern around the heart.

I like the paper fabric and thought I'd use this technique for my Valentines this year. A few weeks ago I made two sheets (you can see how I made the paper fabric here). So my time has now been "zentangling" my little heart out!
I had some time last night to work on the cards but I still have a long way to go. I'm also making up regular note cards for Valentines to send out special greetings to family and friends. Here are some of my paper fabric pieces in progress.
And while my friend was here one day working on her quillow, I beaded some more on my loom bracelet. It's coming along and I'll be anxious to finish it! Although, that does mean I'll need another stop at my favorite bead store to purchase the closure for it! Darn...he he he he
Bob is golfing early today in the annual super bowl tournament so he'll be home early. He's happy about that as Michigan and Michigan State are playing basketball @ 1 then the super bowl later (he'll be able to nap in between!). He has been golfing 7 days a week which is usual for Florida! Although, I don't think there are many 72 year olds who golf 7 days a week! He's feeling pain free and wants to take advantage of his membership. I think he's already got his money back!!!
Go NY!! Yes, I'm a Manning fan...Eli or Peyton...although, I have to admit Peyton on Saturday Night Light a few years ago was a hoot!!


  1. 7 days a week! Wow. You really are a golf widow aren't you? Well you have lots to keep you busy between puppy and crafting!

  2. The tangles look good on the fabric paper. And the bead loom piece is just striking! Nice that Bob is getting in so much golf, and you have plenty of time to devote to artistic pursuits (and to Kalee, of course)... life is good!

  3. I am catching up on your recent posts and I can see you have been quite busy and creative. Love your beaded rings and loom bracelet. Your Zentangled Valentine is very special with the rope beaded suede heart and the paper fabric background. Happy Hearts to you dear...