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Saturday, September 10, 2011

MQAI Exhibit

Well, another successful opening last night at the Michigan Quilt Artist Invitational. I can't post pics for a number of reasons! First, I didn't take any pictures last night! Second, not sure of pictures I can post of the art work. I'll ask Mary (curator) and see if I can at least post the pieces made by some of my friends.
This is the last year for this exhibit which I believe is going into its 15 year in 2012. That means each and every month, Mary or Marty, have had to pick up and hang quilts! Keep in mind this exhibit travels throughout the state of Michigan! That has been a lot of work and this year (2012) is the last year. It's time for Mary and Marty to take a well deserved break.
I sent out a note to the artists who have participated in the exhibit to have them bring a thank you card to the opening (or mail to me to give Mary and Marty). The box above is what I made to hold the cards. There were a slew of thank you cards when I left the exhibit last night!! I'm so glad!!

these were the fiber cards I made. Of course, I didn't have the setting correct on my camera (no surprise there!) so they aren't as bright as actual. This was Mary's fiber post card (note to her is on back) and it was bright orange/red/yellow...Mary's favorite colors are red/oranges.
This was for Marty...I didn't know her favorite colors but thought green would work for her. Again, actual color is a lot brighter.

I printed out the Thank You then did tangles, scanned back into computer and printed onto fabric. I sewed french knots on the lettering and then did the stab stitch on the background.

Puppy is calling as is hubby! He's getting wore out from the puppy stage but we'll get through it!


  1. What a creative approach to the fiber cards! They are wonderful. It has been 15 years of hard work, so it's great all of you are acknowledging the efforts so creatively. Thanks for the tip on watercolor pencils for blush.. I have some and will try it.

  2. I didn't make it to the opening... long story! But hubby and I showed up on Saturday to see the exhibit... AND THEY WERE CLOSED! And their open hours during the week are only during the day when I have to work!!! That is SO messed up!