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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The week caught up with me

Well, I think the week has finally caught up with me. I'm pooped! But I'm still going to head out for my bike ride in a few minutes. I keep forgetting I'm OLD! This body can only be so active, right!
Last night Bob and I watched the Tigers win again! Then turned the channel to watch our Lions play a preseason game, which they won too!! They looked really good or else Cincinnati was really bad. Either way we enjoyed the game and I got lots of beading done on my cuff! I hope to finish it tonight, yes, while watching the Tigers!

And look at what arrived at our door the other day! Aren't these beautiful!!

From my SIS! Thanks so much, MAW!

This is how Mandy felt on Thursday after her long babysitting day Wed. I think it might be me later on but at least I'll turn my head and face Bob! Maybe!

Auntie and Amber are spending the weekend together getting manicures and shopping. This is Amber's annual BD gift from her Aunt and she was so excited yesterday. She called me to say her suitcase was all packed and ready! Enjoy your day girls and make some more memories together!


  1. The bracelet is gorgeous.. looks like a delicious sherbet color. Mandy... too funny. She needed her "alone time".

  2. Wow your cuff turned out beautiful Robbie! So proud of you! Your dog is the cutest, I love the tail up on the other end. ha ha ha
    Analisa xx