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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stars or planets?

Stars are planets or planets are stars! Oh well...anyway, busy day with groomers and groceries then back home to do some laundry then off again to go vote (our Village council) then Bob wanted fish for dinner so back to town we went. I wasn't hungry for fish but since I like being waited on I went along!
I just started on my orange cuff last night so I don't have anything to show with beads! But..I was going through my quilt pics to send in for a local show at the Longway Planetarium, Stars Exhibit, coming up this September. Years ago I sent in a quilt of our little dog inside a star that was shown. Guess I'll have to dig that quilt out and post on my blog.

So here are two quilts I made back in 2006 for the MQAI Out of This World exhibit. This one is called Blue Moons - wonder why! It's hard to see but there are LOTS of tiny beads sewn on individually! Plus a few of the moons are stuffed to the max! And I mean stuffed! Not sure what I was thinking but...this quilt is 20" x 24" and I used dimensional paint for some of the planet bumps! Can you tell I'm not very educated on planets or stars!
The next one is 'A Stellar Garden'. I had printed out a photo on fabric taken by Jeffrey Blye from Long Island. Jeffrey took the picture of the flower at a state park in Oyster Bay on Long Island then manipulated it in photoshop. I thought his picture was so cool so I asked if I could use it. Since then I've used 3 of Jeffrey's photo's in quilts.

I used some white/gray (probably from socks!) dryer lint for those 'bumps' on the planet. Some thread painting and of course my beads, which are kinda free form. Both of these were fun to make and that year I actually made 3 for the exhibit! I didn't know we aren't suppose to make more than one!! I found that out last year. Guess whenever they discussed the number an artist could make I was always in Florida and missed the discussion! Well, I learned my lesson and this year I only made one...ok, two (Betty/Twins) but I'm only putting one of the Betty's in the show. The other one I'm keeping for our house!

So tomorrow I go to see kids..not sure what we'll do and then I'll start some cooking on Thursday and Friday and anticipate my sister's visit!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm so excited! Bob said today "you'd think the king was coming"...well, my sister is royalty to me!!!

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