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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Sister's Visit (Finally!)

Sniffle, sniffle...the weekend is over with my sister! We had a blast!! So much laughter our stomachs hurt as if we had done 100 crunches! We ate a lot so I hope the laughter did in fact act as exercise! I know laughter is good for digestion so that part was good!!

Amber made this sign last weekend when the kids stayed the night so I put it in the driveway so they would see it as soon as they pulled in the drive. You'll see by the pictures it was hard to get one without us laughing so much! Check out the video at the end and you'll see what our time was like!

My sis and me!

"Oh my gosh, I remember that time!"

"Look how old our skin looks!"

Darrin, myself, MaryAnn and Dawn
Is this a great picture or what!
Maryann, Nancy and I took off Sat. a.m. for breakfast at Panera's then off the the Art Fair in Grand Blanc. Nancy was so nice and contributed to the economy by purchasing this really cool bowl and appetizer glass tray (Grey Goose bottles!). How unique they each are.

And the eating part pictures are below as well as a video introducing my family!!! I loved the time with having everyone here!!!! The entire family will never know what this meant to me!!!


  1. Glad you had such a fun time with your family... and good food, plus an art fair to boot! We've been away, but I saw your orange beaded cuff..lovely. Thought of you when I saw an ad for artful home in a local realtor's newsletter. Some gorgeous beaded bracelets for sale. Here's the link: Check it out when you can.

  2. Hi there!
    You and your sister certainly look alike! I'm sure you two had a memorable visit.
    Would love to have you join us for some fabric dyeing!

  3. Oh what a fun time you obviously had! That's great, thanks for sharing your joy. I just had company leave yesterday and we had a blast too. Always good to catch up with those special people in your life.