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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just another Wednesday

I have been beading on my 3rd cuff so here's the progress so far. I worked on this last night watching the Tigers (yes, they won! Whew!). Since I wear a lot of orange/pastel colors, I think I'll get a lot of use from this cuff. My next one is going to be in black and white.

I might get some more beading on this tonight as the Tigers are on again but it might be the last night for awhile. In TWO days my sister will be here!!!! I'm so excited!! I'll be heading off to grocery store and market on Thursday and Friday (I already bought Tequila!) and preparing for dinner with all the family on Sat.

Yesterday I received back my little quilt from Lynn Krawczyk who was/is curator of the Breaking Traditions Exhibitions. In 2009, Lynn put together the exhibit called 'Home', which raised $795 for A Place to Bark. This was my little contribution to the exhibit.
Yes, that is our little Mandy peaking out the front door, which was made of metal. It was fun to work on and nice to see again! I forgot what the little piece looked like!

This saying sure fit what Mandy has done for Bob and I. She's been so special in our life since we adopted her in 2001! You can tell she's as happy with us as we are with her!!

Today with the kids was fun as usual. I just love having conversations with them. Amber was SO excited since she got a cell phone for her birthday (no texting, just phone). She kept looking at her phone saying "no one has called me, grandma". I told her that her parents were working, as was her aunt and I was with her! Well, her Auntie did call and was Amber's FIRST phone call she received. She was so excited that she got a call. I thought she almost jumped to the ceiling when her phone rang! So cute!!! Thank you Auntie for making Amber's day!

Nick had a Neon sand kit that he wanted to work on. It was kinda fun and kept him busy for at least 30 min.
He had to mix the sand with an activator really well, then pour into the molds. You had to do it in a darken room so we had all the lights out which made it difficult to read the instructions!
But we did it! Results are what the sculptures looked like in the bathroom with the lights out and door closed. It was pitch black in the room but you can see the neon vases! Pretty cool!

And here are Amber's fingernails with her decorative manicure. She didn't think it felt much like a manicure but we did get through it. Another 30 mins. on this project.

We finished out the day by playing Monopoly! Amber and I started out playing then Nick and his friend decided they wanted to play. I was happy when Kris got home as the wheeling and dealing was getting pretty heavy! I just played banker when the 3 kids played.

So off to finish up my planning and menu for the weekend!! Did I mention how excited I am to see my sister again!!! And to have everyone here on Sat. - all my family will be the highlight of this year for sure!

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