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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where's baby's chair?

The first weekend we arrived home from Florida, we bought Bob a new recliner chair for our L.R. While in Florida, he sat in a similar chair which really helped his hip (lots better than sitting on the sofa). This was the best investment we made. Bob's hip is SO much better partly due to the chair keeping his body straight..the other part is he's not golfing five days a week. So here's Bob's 'papa bear' chair!
And guess what came today! Yep, 'Mama Bear's' chair! Mine was a special order because I wanted something other than 'beige'. Go figure! I know!! I'm a beige kind of gal...goes with everything...easy to change colors by adding pillows, etc. But this time I decided to 'live on the edge' and so I ordered 'sangria'! Actually, I had visions of a dirty beige chair in a year! The picture makes the chair look pinkish which it isn't! It's more of a burnt orange.
It was delivered this a.m. and it is SO comfortable!! I can't wait to sit and bead in it! Poor Mandy doesn't know where to sit now. We got rid of our 3 seater couch and only kept the two seater and another LazyBoy barrel chair we had. She does sit on Bob's lap in his recliner but she won't fit on my chair with me. Poor baby..guess we'll have to buy her a 'baby chair'.
Beading does take time so I don't have much to show for my work the past few days! Actually, there are a lot of Delica's (11's) in this fish and lots more to come. I'm working on the tail right now as I'm not sure how I want to do his face.
I have some ideas but I want to play with some beading stitches to figure out the pattern. It really is meditative to bead and I feel like I'm always accomplishing something - "idle hands are the devils works" is what my aunt always used to say. I never did know what she meant by that saying but it always made me feel like I had to keep busy so I guess it worked! And still does! Maybe that's why I can't sit still...geezzzz between that saying and the 'guilt' I have from being raised Catholic no wonder I'm the way I am!

I've also finished my shibori stitching on two pieces. The red piece I want to overdye with different shades of blues which should give me some nice shades of purple(s).

This white piece I'm going to use black in some areas and then some pastel shades in the resist areas. Our CCC fiber group has our annual dye camp next weekend so I'll dye these two pieces up then. I still have to pull all the stitches in both pieces but I'll do that later this week.

I'll only be at dye camp for a few hours as Amber has her school play that Sat. I'll leave dye camp and head over to Dawn's to get cleaned up and then we'll go to the play together. Should be a fun afternoon.
So we're just having a relaxing afternoon. I stitched the red piece while watching the move 'The Box' on my laptop from Netflex. Weird movie but I did watch the entire thing. I'm listening to two books on cd right now, The 19th Wife and Legal Limit. Legal Limit is pretty good. I finished reading Caught by Harlan Coban which was really good. I read at night before bed and I have another one I started which is Look Again by Lisa Scottoline. She writes a pretty good mystery which is what I like..mysteries and bio's. Well, off to start some dinner so I can sit in my new chair and bead! Ain't life grand!

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