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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Class Act!

What an exciting Tiger's game last night!! But a sad one as well. Armando Galarraga, actually pitched a 'no hitter' game but a BAD and I mean BAD call make it a one-hit shutout. But what a class act Galarraga was! He said the umpire probably felt worse than he did. How's that for class!! His team mates were more upset than he was. I just had to post about this as Bob and I are such big Tigers (& Lions!) fans. What a game!!!!

Ok, I'll go back to beading! No other art pics today!


  1. i didn't see the game, but did see the replays of this. he was certainly robbed! by a long shot! it wasn't even a close call, yet the umpire got it all wrong. i don't think i would have been as gracious as he is. i would have been on a rampage, that's for sure!

  2. I was watching the sports news today of the umpire and as bad as the call was, at least he was man enough to say he blew it. Probably why I am a fan of video review....takes some of the pressure off refs and helps teams not feel robbed.
    Yes, we're big Tigers fans too!


  3. Wasn't it nice for the Tigers and Chevy to give the guy a consolation prize! The vet was gorgeous, but hardly enough to take place of making history.