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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter in Florida!

Easter morning started out with a fabulous breakfast brunch at Verna & Ron's...Verna is a fantastic cook so I was certainly looking forward to getting my fill!  Which I did...twice actually!!  Yes, I had two servings!!  wouldn't you??  just check out some of the food...and presentation!!!

Scones, cranberry bread, coffee cake, fruit.......

Quiche, egg bake, salmon, crepes, ham, bacon....

Even chocolate covered strawberries!

And so the line started with Mac, Jan and Harvey

Starting on the right was John, Marilyn, Susan and Ron (host)

My first plate!!!  2nd look the same!!

And our wonderful Chef, Verna!
Bob missed out as he was golfing this I had to eat his share!  Didn't want it to go to waste.  I can't thank the Newman's enough for a wonderful Easter morning!!!  So, so good!!!  This Florida living is pretty good isn't it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Let me introduce the ZIPPERS!

Eunice, me, Marcia and Nako! 
Off we headed yesterday afternoon to the Canyons Zip Line!  And we did it!!!  We zipped our little hearts out - all five zips!  That's right!!!  We zipped from tree to tree for five, heart stopping zips...loving each minute!!!  It was a blast!!!

I was impressed with the organization and staff at The Canyons!  Just a fun staff and yet very professional and made us feel at ease, even while we stood up on the platforms waiting to 'jump'!!   Yes, we all stood around a platform just like this...except each of ours had a tree in the middle, which is what I held onto!
 Here are our guides, Jamie and Craig!  Jamie would hook us up and give us the confidence to 'jump' and zip!  Craig was at the other end to make sure we didn't smack into a tree or get stuck half way out on the zip (more on that later in this post!), which does happen!

We were also joined on our tour by two other fun ladies.  One of them was over 73 or 75 in age...I can't remember but I give her all the credit in the world.
In the picture below of Nako, follow the zip line behind her and if you look close you'll see where it goes up into a tree...that's where we jumped off of!  Just to give you a little perspective!
Eunice making her way across!

Nako zipping across...but stay tuned....

Yep, that's me!  Lovin the view!

And what or who is this!!!????

Appears someone (Nako!) is so little that she didn't make it to the end of the zip and onto the platform!  So

Craig had to go out and tow Nako to the platform!!  When Nako took off and was about 1/2 way out, Jamie said "she's not going to make it!"....guess they do this job enough to know when someone will 'zip' all the way or not.  This was by far the longest zip....I just don't remember how far they said it was...I just remember the "110 feet from the water below"!

I do give kudos's to each of the ladies...although, Eunice has zipped she was our backbone!  And this is my bud, Marcia, who agreed to zip with me!!!   This wasn't her first choice for an adventure but she was game to do it and I'm so glad she did!  Same with Nako...she and Marcia are friends and Nako is game for anything!

We did have a great time...and of course, after our zip, we stopped for some food and drink....although, it was Karaoke night at the clubhouse and a little hard to talk, but we still managed some conversation and celebration!!!  After all, how many times to you get an opportunity to ZIP!!  If you do, don't pass it up!!!  I'm deathly afraid of heights and hugged the tree at the end of each zip...that was the hard part...the easy part was jumping off and zipping! The views were amazing!!!!  So WOOHOO!!!!  We did it!!!!!  Thanks to The Canyons and their staff (& to Jamie and Craig)  for providing us a memory we'll not soon forget!

Now to plan next years adventure!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More food (go figure!), friends and fun!

Before I show our night at the Freezer, I have started hand stitching on my 2nd GAYG background I made last December.  You can see how I made this background on my post here.
This is the what I plan to  use for my beaded leaf.  I'll attached to canvas, using a gallery wrap the attached the beaded leaf onto both the background and least that's my plan.

The first picture (above) was taken with my phone and the gold color looks rather pale.  I think it's more true in color on these next two pics, which I took with my camera.

It's hard to see the black stitching above and harder to see the tan/brown cotton thread I'm using here on the left!

The black shows up well on the red but the beaded leaf will be the main focus so the thread work doesn't have to stand as the main focus.  I just love doing this type of hand stitching.

Here is a picture of the whole piece...

 So now on to food, fun and friends...8 of us headed out early yesterday afternoon to Jan & Larry's for them to direct & join us at The Freezer!  No, we still don't know how to get there.  Of course, the GPS could guide us but it wouldn't be the same without our hostess and host (Jan & Larry!).  And of course we always stop at DQ on the way home!  We blame it on Larry, but secretly we're all glad he wants to stop!
 Of course, we always start our meal out with this huge pretzel!  Yes, I ate the whole thing!   So did Bob and he even ate a cup of clam chowder soup!
The steamed shrimp is the best around and The Freezer has so much atmosphere...just a fun place to dine...but you have to like shrimp or fish!  They do have other 'fish' on the menu but the steamed shrimp is what folks go there for.
We had a great time and most likely this is our last visit for this year,   just too many other restaurants and meeting up with folks to fit in another 'fine dining' experience at The Freezer!

AND TOMORROW IS MY ZIP LINE DATE WITH SOME OTHER LADIES!!!  WE ARE ALL SO EXCITED.  We were suppose to go today but the forecast (& it turned out to be fairly accurate) was high winds and rain all day.  Bob didn't even golf we rescheduled zip lining until Wed.  I'm hoping they take video's or at least pictures...I'll be too busy holding on for dear life to hold a camera!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Wrestling Match is Over!

Yep...this is so true...and my 'goal' for making Ian's T-shirt graduation quilt is finished!!!

But not before the quilt and I had a few wrestling matches!  It doesn't look that big or that heavy but trust me, it is!!  I have it laying on a double bed and both sides are hung over...I think it will fit Ian!

This was how I had to jam the heavy weight bugger on it's side just to sew the binding on!  My arms were getting so tired by trying to hold the quilt and move it at the same time.  I can't believe how heavy it is.  I just might weigh it!

At least I was smart enough to follow Marianne's GAYG method.  That made some of the maneuvering the quilt under my machine a tad easier when it came to quilting it and joining some of the panels.  I do love Marianne's QAYG and will use it more often in the future too!!

And check this out!  What's missing!!!  Well, after I wrestled with sewing on the binding, I was sweating so badly, I figured I'd clean up my sewing area then get my shower.  At the same time, I figured I'd unhook my machine and drop off at the Bernina's dealership for 'her' day at the spa (yes, I was still stinky but I didn't care!).    My machine was due for a cleaning and with all the lint from the T-shirt quilt and her effort in helping me put it together, I thought it was the least I could do.  Give the old gal a rest!!
I also packed up some of my supplies for heading back to Michigan, with the exception of embroidery threads and my beads for the leaf project.  I want to start working on hand stitching my background for the leaf so now that the machine sewing is done, I can start on the background without any guilt!  Yes, I was raised Catholic and yes, I have lots of guilt...even over silly things!

Before I forget, check out the beautiful hand dyed scarf Kay gave me the other day!  I forgot to post a picture of it.  It goes with so many of my tops...just my color!!!  Thanks so much Kay!!

Today, Bob and I took off for some shopping..mainly to get me some tennis shoes for my zip line day!  We're booked for Tuesday afternoon but right now there's a 60% chance of rain so we might have to take a rain check and book on Wed.  I'm just going to play the waiting game and see what works for my other buds!
It's in the 80's again today...just another beautiful Florida day.  My kids and neighbor both sent us pictures of the huge hail that struck last night!  The roads and yards are covered with what looks like snow is hail!  Even the roof collapsed at the Kroger's not far from the kids house.  Guess I'll put up with the 80 degree temps!!  No complaining from this gal.

Friday, April 11, 2014

No art work?? Well, one small project!

I feel like my blog has turned in a journal of being entertained rather than art work...but it is, after all, my blog so I can post what I want, right! I do have one small fiber card I made, which is further down in this post!  And I am working away on Ian's quilt!  Getting there!!  Now to my week so far...

Starting with Tuesday evening....Bob and I went to 'Pickin by the Pool'!  Our buddy, Howard, plays guitar along with some other folks here in the community.  Once a month, they get together and pick and sing by the 'pool'!  It was a fun evening but the wind finally got to Bob and we only stayed for a little over an hour.

If you enjoy old country/blue grass music, check out these videos!  Howard is a hoot and always has some great stories to tell as well as writing songs.  Howard is playing/singing on the left.

Wednesday night we went with Peg/Sammy & Marcia/Gary to LongHorn's for a great meal and loads of laughs.  Always nice being with fun people!  Marcia is doing the zip lining with me next week!!!  We're both quite excited...ok, actually, we're both a tad frightened but we're still going!

Last night was our 'weekly' get together with the gang (7 couples, including us) for dinner at the club house.  The food has been exceptional this year, as has the company!  I'm afraid I didn't get all pics of the group.
Here are Susan, Harvey, John and Marilyn
 And it was Mac's BD!  So after dinner, we all headed back to Jan and Mac's house for a wonderful carrot cake made by Verna!
The cake was delicious!  Yes, I had two pieces!!  But so did someone else...whose name I will not say....and it wasn't Bob.  Her name begins with a 'J' and she is married to someone named 'Larry' but I'll never tell what her name is!

Here are Jan (Mac's better half), Mac and our resident pastry chef!, Verna!  She makes the best cakes!!!

Mac attempting to blow out the candles!  I snapped this while he was in motion!  Hence, the blur!

Mac and Jan are from upper Michigan and Mac is a big UofM fan...hence, I made him this fiber card for his BD!

 And this is what I put on the address side!  Hope you can read it.

I think Mac liked it...also, check out the view from their enclosed lanai...I love this tree!!!  What a peaceful view!  I know where I'd be doing all my beading!  

We had a delightful tonight will be boring...HA...just Bob, the dog, the bird and I having dinner together!  Our norm will be Bob falling asleep in his chair after dinner, me taking Kalee for her walk, Grace screaming for a treat....but the best part is I get to grab the remote and watch my shows!  Always a method to my madness!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day at Spruce Creek!

I met up with Kay today, along with another friend of hers, Nancy.  First we had lunch then off to an Art Quilt Group meeting at Spruce Creek in Summerfield.

  Kay is a member of the art guild and, it just so happened,  I  did a trunk show there about two years ago.  They are a nice group of ladies with skills all over the place!  What a fun group.  And before I forget ladies, the thread I use for my beading is called Silamide and I purchase online from The Beadwrangler's Thread Shop.   Some bead shops do carry smaller amounts on cards but it's more economical to purchase a spool.  They will last forever and the thread is great for beading on quilts and canvas.

I'm loading these pics as 'small' because I took so many of them!  Just click on the ones you want to have a closer look at.  The meeting was so interesting....and at the end of show and tell, they had a great discussion based on Ann Johnston's book, The Quilters Book of Design.  They used the book as a way to discuss design principles.  Really a fun exchange and quite interesting!    I have more pics but having a hard time getting them turned enjoy what's here!  I apologize for not putting names on each of the pics but I have a hard time remembering Wednesday's are 99 cents margarita night!  My grand daughter has to call and remind me!  So you can see why I don't remember everyone's name!
This was a prayer flag created by Beth for the 'teacher' on the left!

This is flyer from the exhibit in Hawaii for interesting!!!

Hard to see but pics of the 'Kapa' on display .

Member showing how to 'hoop' a large quilt for quilting/embroidery work.

A free form quilt Kay is working on.  Go to her blog to see more of her work!

A member's first attempt at Kay's method for free form.  Nice!

Old Dresden Plates - I think she had 18 of them!!!  Wow!

One of Kay's current finished pieces!

I don't remember what this little 'thing' was called...nicely done.

Another smaller piece from a workshop

The following are a challenge between two ladies...a 12 x 12 quilt a month for 12 months!  

These were so interesting!!!

Really cool aren't they!