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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Other than taking pictures I am working on projects!

It's been loads of fun to document the utility box progress...but in between taking pictures I am working on projects!  I actually have one that I can't show yet!  But's a small project but still a project!  HA  I can show this one I did last weekend.

My bud, Susan, from Florida sent me an envelop filled with tea bags!  Here's a note she included with her tea bags.

I played with tea bags several, several years ago and only used a bag in a small 12"x12" piece.  For the life of me I can't locate it but some day I will!  Anyway, I wanted to do something quick with the tea bags for the work Susan put forth drinking all that tea!  So I made some bookmarks!
This is either the front or the back of the bookmarks.  HA
Ditto on above!  HA..only the picture is upside down!

I started off stamping some of the tea bags.  I happen to have some matching tags so I cut out the center/circles on four of them.

Once I had the circles cut out I laid two tea bags wrong sides together and glued  them under the circle edges.

After the glue dried, I laid tags together (wrong sides together) and  stitched around the entire tag on my sewing machine.  The cardboard  wasn't that heavy and stitched easily.

These were fun to work on and I sent the beige one to Susan to thank her.  Although, now I need to do something with all the rest of the tea bags...I may not be thanking her!  Now that I'm finished taking pictures of utility boxes (for a day or two!) I can get back to showing some of my art work!  Maybe!

Today we are headed to my son's to celebrate a belated birthday and 'leaving for college' for our grand daughter, Amber!  She leaves for college on Wednesday!  Sniff, sniff!  I am excited ONLY because she'll be getting her 'exploding box' I put together for her! 

Doesn't look like much but wait until you see a video I did!  I worked on this for several weeks this summer!   Keeping you in suspense?  Hope so!  Stay tuned!

Friday, August 17, 2018

One down - two to go!

Lois Ann and Carol finished their utility box yesterday!  Bob and I just happened to go past them as we were on our way home from dinner.  We got to help take down their 'tent' and I got to take the final pictures.  I'm sure you'll agree they did a fantastic job!  Now Lois Ann has two more to do!!!

For those in the Grand Blanc area, you can see this piece on Saginaw Street across 
from the high school.  

 Lois Ann and Carol (this is Carol's bird)

Carol and Lois Ann (this is Lois Ann's butterfly)

You can see a building behind Carol's shoulder...that's the Grand Blanc High School.  The principal of the school was kind enough to bring treats for the ladies saying they deserved a break!  Wasn't that nice!

Carol's signed work

A tree, on one side, that Carol created.

He looks quite happy doesn't he!

Carol's bird blends into a group of flowers and foliage which Lois Ann did.

Lois Ann did a beautiful job on the flowers...great shading and dimension.

The flowers flow onto more foliage and Lois Ann's beautiful butterfly!

Just look at the detail.

The blue tent/tarp was loaned to Lois Ann by a friend.  What a life saver it has been for these ladies.  Temp's in the high 80's and today it rained!

Lois Ann almost forgot to sign her work!  The city will be coming over to  a paint a protective coating to ensure all this work won't wear away too soon!

The ladies said someone from the Flint Journal newspaper stopped by to take pictures and talk to them!  I know the city is planning on doing some type of article and "unveiling" too!

Nice that all the artists will be recognized for donating their time and talent to help beautify the city of Grand Blanc!

Lois Ann still has more work to do on the other two boxes (see my previous post)...but she's also had an 'assistant'!  Her hubby!  He was painting one of the 2nd utility box backgrounds! 

I'm so proud of  Carol and Lois Ann!  And I'm looking forward to documenting the other two boxes that Lois Ann will be completing!  The least I can do!  HA

Thursday, August 16, 2018

More of my talented friends - part 2

Carol and Lois Ann are working away to finish their utility box paintings!  Last week they worked hard into the afternoon heat and  Monday, Lois Ann spent about 4 hours working on her eagle box!  Wednesday, they were both at it again!  So here are some more progress pictures!   

Carol's bird from last Friday

Her progress as of Wednesday!  Her branch looks really good doesn't it!  And Carol changed her background which  makes the bird stand out.

Lois Ann painting one of the sides for the collaborative piece!

LA is so talented!!!!  She was busy working on this when I left on Wednesday!

This is Lois Ann's butterfly, which I posted a few days ago.  

This is Lois Ann's quilt that she is using as inspiration for her butterfly painting on the utility box!  

This is another quilt, YES, it's a quilt!  Another piece that Lois Ann is using for inspiration!

This is the start of her painting for the Eagle.  It was selected for the Patriotic piece for the town!
Lois Ann has one more box she is working on.  This piece will display turtles in water! 
Yep, you guessed it!  It's a quilt Lois Ann did...inspiration for her box!

Just a closeup of her work, which is amazing!

Only problem!  The turtles will be up in the air swimming on this box!  HA  Lois Ann has her background painted for the turtles then she'll  trace her drawing and paint!  Whew!  
I can't paint or draw so all I can do is offer my support by documenting their progress!  It's hard to comprehend the amount of work that these two ladies have already put forth for this project.  They are doing a wonderful job and their art will be around for so many to see and appreciate.

Monday, August 13, 2018

More Talented Friends!

This past May the city of Grand Blanc had a project for artists to submit designs that would be painted on the green utility boxes throughout the city.  Nine of the boxes would be nature scenes, and one would be dedicated to a patriotic theme.   The paintings would encompass all sides of the utility box.  Two of my buds, Carol Tamasiunas and Lois Ann Fulton submitted their drawings and guess what!  They were selected and are now painting machines! 

 I don't have the original drawings they submitted but I do have a picture of some of the artists work submitted.  These were on display around the town for folks to vote for their favorites!
Lois Ann will be painting her turtles on another utility box.

The drawing/painting in the center (flowers/butterfly/tree/bird) are what Carol and Lois Ann are painting as a collaborative piece.
The eagle is another painting Lois Ann will be doing on another utility box.
 You can see there were some really nice drawings/painting submitted.  Last Friday, the ladies got started working on their 'box'!   Our bud Mary, along with her great grand daughter, Carmella and I went to lend our physical support!  Let's be honest...I can't draw a stick man but they did allow me to paint a blue sky background on both sides of their box.  It's quite large utility box! 

Carol's part is the blue bird and Lois Ann is the butterfly.  Here are the ladies working hard!  

Carol's blue bird

LA's butterfly

See I can at least help paint a side or two!

Girls just want to have fun!
Carol working on her bird.

Lois Ann's drawing of the butterfly

Lois Ann painting her butterfly

Carol made great progress

Lois Ann has added flowers and foliage

Lois Ann has added more foliage to the side

Carol, Lois Ann, Carmella and Mary

Carol and Lois Ann did get to take a lunch break...a well deserved one...they arrived in the city around 8 a.m. to pick up paint and get set up.  Then they started tracing their drawings on the box and started to paint.  

I'm so proud of both these ladies and I'll be sure to post more pics when their box is completed.  Lois Ann has two more boxes to paint so you'll get to see more of her beautiful art work!!!  She has a turtle and an eagle (you can see part of them in the first pics).

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ashville Made

I'd like to introduce you to Judy Simmons (if you already know Judy then you can skip reading my post!  HA).  Judy is a fiber artist who lives in North Carolina.  

I found Judy's blog from following Mary Stori's blog, The Inside Stori.   One of Judy's  recent post was on a magazine article she appears in.  This local (free) magazine is called Asheville Made and Judy's article is in the June 2018 issue.  You can read it online here.   It's a very interesting article on how Judy got her start in the quilting and art quilting world.  Facts I didn't know! 


Judy, along with Mary Stori and Karen Weston have their work on display at at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC.  The show is titled "Nature Across the Carolinas - Fiber Art with Quilts".  
 These very talented ladies share a love of creating art quilts and their work is so cohesive in this venue!  If you can't get to Asheville to check out this exhibit go to Judy's post, which shows some of the quilts on exhibit.  

 Check out some of the other interesting articles in 'Ashville Made'  here.  What a neat magazine!  And congrats again to Judy for such a great article!

Monday, August 6, 2018

New Project

Last month I posted on winning the magazine, Simply Moderne, from Margarita Korioth's blog,  Margarita had an article on sun printing, which I'll be doing as soon as I can stay home during the day...this has been a busy week!

My readers will remember my beaded blue squirrel that I started in 2016 and finally finished in 2017.  You can see that post here.

Well, Mr. Blue needs a home.   I had thought of creating a hex background for him to attach to a small canvas.

Over the past several months, I've been making blue, teal, orange and yellow hex's ...well, you never know what you'll use them for, right!  Anyway, I did layout the squirrel on some hex's...colors were pretty cool...

But then, I went through my stash and found this small piece of sun printed fabric one of our former fiber group member sun printed.  Karen did some beautiful sun prints and a few years ago I helped her to sell her fabrics as she was cutting back in her stash.  I, along with my buds, purchased several pieces.

I'm kinda liking the contrast of the dark blue with the lime green and yellow!  Isn't this a beautiful background piece.

Only problem I need to add more foliage at the bottom of the piece.  Which is where I'll get to play with sun printing again.  Figure I'll just use yellow Setacolor and perhaps a touch of avocado paint.  The fabric is 13" width and 36" length.  I chopped off a small section to play with the I need to find or make something for the little guy to hold in his hands!  A beaded walnut??  Hmmmmmm