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Friday, May 20, 2016

In between stitching...

So instead of stitching on Thursday I decided to do some spring cleaning in the sewing studio!  I started with the fabric closet...should have taken a before pic....

I normally just keep all my fabrics in bins, by color, regardless of their size...well, smaller scraps are put in bins at the bottom of the closet.  Yea, I know there are 3 bins there!  That's a lot of scraps!!  HA

 I decided to 'fish' out all the different yardage or 1/2 yard pieces and keep separate or out of the bins.
Seems to work so much better.  At least now if I'm looking for larger pieces or yardage I can see them quickly!  The bottom shelf shows folded yardage and there's some in the middle on the shelf above as well.  Bins now only contain scraps or less than 1/2 yard pieces.  So much better!!

I also cleaned out the 3 drawers of  one dresser too.  

The top drawer contains projects I'm working on at the current time.

Currently, that's my leaf pieces and hexies!

The 2nd drawer contains some UFO's, which aren't many...just some practise pieces or projects that I'd like to do sometime in the future.  The last drawer contains quilted pieces or quilts that I've cut apart.  I use these for scrap bags or fiber cards.

Next up is another dresser on the other wall that I keep my beading and other texture supplies.  They're pretty well organized so I won't have much to clean up there.  Books in the middle area are ones I use often...but there is an area next to my machine that I want to reorganize.  That will keep me busy for a day I'm sure.

Weather has been beautiful the past few days.  High 60's and expected to be in the mid to high 70's through next week.  Love this open...fresh air!!!  Just makes you want to work!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I'm Back! Well, sorta!

OK, so Prednisone is my best friend right now!  So while 'she' is helping me out with the pain and swelling in my wrists, I might as well take advantage of 'her'!

Today I did some sewing, via machine, and it felt so good to be productive again!  I have four or five of these Solar Prints that I want to hand stitch but I needed to add some borders on, which is what I did today!

I added a batik border to this piece, which the leaf hand work is finished.

this one was finished while in Florida

And Wednesday I added this border fabric.  Now to start stitching the leaves!

I've finished hand sewing two of the leaf prints and now need to decide how to finish off the background area.  Machine or hand stitching!?  I do have a due date of August to finish these so I'll have to put my thinking cap on once I've done all the leaf hand work!

It feels SO good to be back...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One more milestone to go!

This past weekend was delightful!  It was Kayla's bridal shower, which ended up being held at the French Lick Winery!    Kayla's future MIL, Dinah on the left and Kayla's mom, Mary Jo on the right.

It was a girls weekend and we did make the most of it!    Bob's daughter came to the house around 9 on Friday morning,  then we headed out to pick up MaryJane (Bob's ex).  We arrived in Bedford, IN. Friday afternoon, checked into a hotel, then headed to Bob's son's house. Friday was time to visit with family, have some food and wine!  Then we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep!
Saturday we woke up to windy, cold, cloudy weather!  Brrrrrrrr  The shower wasn't until 2 in the afternoon, but I did take myself for a walk!  I didn't have dogs or Bob with me so I walked myself!  I'm not used to sitting around and didn't bring any needle work with me!  DUH!

The winery was a perfect venue for the shower.  Food was great; we each participated in the wine tasting; conversation and of course the shower!   One of the gifts I gave Kayla was her wedding announcement encased in a glass ornament!   I cant take credit for the idea, as adorable as it is!  My BFF, Tommy, has shown this on her blog several times.
 It's easy to make and you can head to Tommy's blog to see the process here.  The other 'gift' was the Easy Button...again, Tommy's gift idea...not sure where she found this one...think Pinterest for both...

I ended up finding a really cute Bandi Belt for Kayla to use on her honeymoon or at home!  I also put in a gift card to Victoria Secret!  Isn't this cute!

Kayla received some really nice gifts...her other grandma and aunt got her two sharp dinner plate sets!  I'm pretty sure this is the pattern...I only got a pic of the box!

And a unique set of silverware!

We just had a fun really was a girls weekend!

The two grandma's with our girl!

Four weeks we'll be headed out for the wedding!  Whew!  Seems like it was just yesterday we were headed over to see Kayla when she was born!  And that was 25 years ago!  Time is flying by too quickly!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Preparing for another departure!

This coming weekend is Kayla's (our grand daughter's) bridal shower taking place in Indiana!   Bob is staying home with the girls while Diane (Bob's daughter), Mary Jane (Bob's ex)  and I head off for a girl's weekend!!  We're leaving Friday a.m. and will have about 7 hours of travel to a hotel then we'll head to Bob's son's house for dinner and the shower is on Saturday, at a winery!  Woohoo!  Then we return home on Sunday!

I'm thinking my weekend will go smoother than Bob's!  HA  Good for him to bond with the girls!

The wedding is 4 weeks away!  Yikes!  Seems like they were just engaged and now the wedding date is almost here!!!
Kayla and Nate are a great couple and I'm sure the shower will be loads of fun for us girls!  It will be nice to see everyone and relax!  Guess I'll have to go on a dog walk without a dog!  Although, Diane, will also be dog less!  She has 2 dogs...perhaps we'll end up walking each other!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Another Special Mother's Day!

Once again my daughter and her niece put on a wonderful brunch for all of us! There was so much food and it was all delicious!!    Amber loves helping her auntie prepare this meal.  And they do make a lot of food!  We're hoping she'll still assist when she's all grown up and out of the house!  I'm feeling she will!  She wouldn't miss this!

I love having this time with all the kids together!  These pics were after eating so we are all stuffed and just chillin!  No pics of grandma!  HA...I stay behind the camera!

I love all the wall colors in Dawn's house!!  So 'her'!  Love my kids!  And when we arrive at the house to see the kids for the 1st time since returning from Florida, I especially love my Amber running out of the house to meet and hug me!  It brings tears to my eyes each year!

And to boot...look at all the clothes Dawn and Kris bought me for Mother's Day!  Do you think they are tired of my black and beige outfits!  And I even got earrings and two of which Nick picked out for me!   He does know his grandma well!  Love those kids!   And a water infuser and Key Lime bread mix added to the pack by Dawn!

And they all fit!  But the big surprise is they all look great with my beige pants!  HA  Yes, Bob and I are both known for wearing a lot of beige and black!
Bob and I are just chilling this afternoon!  I watched the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Horse event on TV...loved that and now we're watching the Tiger's play...what more could a mom ask for!  Hope everyone had a great mother's day as well!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Back to normal?

I don't know about "back to normal" but we are back and working hard as usual!  So on the health front...had more x-rays today; lab workup and put on Prednisone until they get results back..may have to go back on the RA meds. UGH!  But prednisone will help relieve the pain so I should get lots done this week!  HA

I made this piece a few years ago for our Inspired by the Masters exhibit.  I've never hung it in the house before, as it's been traveling for a few years.  But I did hang in the living room, when we got back from Florida.  It's so bright and cheery!  Makes me feel good looking at it!  And brightens up the living room!  Measures 20" x 24"...I think!

You can read about the process I used to make this piece here.  Of course adding the beads was a no brainer...just time consuming!  That process is here!  So, I'm off to sit and relax...took  my first Prednisone...Dr. put me on this for a week until we get results back on x-rays and lab ork.  I don't want to go back on RA drugs so keeping my fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello Home!

Well, we arrived safely around 12:30 Monday afternoon and, as always, hit the ground running! Car is totally unloaded; suitcases unpacked and ALL clothes put away.  All that is left are Bob's golf clubs/etc and my art/sewing supplies to be put in their place!  That won't happen for me until the weekend...not sure when Bob will get to it either.  At least, the house looks like we never left!
After all the clothes were hung, I started some laundry, well actually dog blankets!  I'll do our bedding and clothes tomorrow, after I bath the dogs!

I also ran to the grocery store for staples and stopped to pick up a pizza!  I will need a WalMart run mid week but for today that's it!

Even the dogs are back to their normal routine of having their toys all over the living room floor!
They haven't stopped playing, running from room to room or looking out the windows!  I think they are happy to be home too.  BUT they are going to miss their golf cart ride when Bob gets home from golfing!  So will I!  And of course, we'll miss our friends!!!!
I am looking forward to seeing the kids this weekend...but right now I am ready for a bath and bed!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bye bye Florida!

Well, we are headed home today!  Our first stop in Tenn. for the night, then on to Ohio...that gets us home early afternoon on Monday.  This was a hard year saying goodbye to so many of our friends.  I'm usually ready to go home and I am...but my emotions are running high this year just saying good bye to folks.
I guess as we age time does go by quickly (seems like we were just packing up to come down to Florida!) so hopefully, we'll be back before you know it!
My bud, Sally, got me a Dot to Dot book!  Have you seen these!  OK, yes, as a kid I'm sure you have but for adults!    How cool is this!

I already have pencils in my purse so I can play with this on the way home!  Thanks again, Sally!   So until next week....hopefully, it will be an uneventful trip home and I'll be posting soon artwork again!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Winding down...'s time to wind down or is that pack up!  We leave on Saturday to head back home.  But of course our last weeks in Florida are always SO busy!

 Wrist (left) is better but I still can't lift, bend, etc. and now my right wrist is starting to get bad.  I have to admit I'm a little concerned....but I have Dr. appointment when I get home...maybe I'll go back on RA meds...who knows...until's what I've been doing! Not art work, that's for sure!

This was Monday at the Freezer!  Bob's favorite place to eat!

Yesterday, Sally and I took off to do some shopping and of course lunch!  Mainly, Sally was looking for Key Lime pie!  Seems every time she goes out to eat they run out!
Well, not yesterday!

Next up, on Saturday, Marcia and I took off to downtown Ocala to visit some shops, walk around the farmers market at the square, then lunch at Harry's!  Of course, we had to stop at Heart's Desire and get a treat from Betty's Cakes!  No pics...and yes, I ate all the cake...well, half of it the next day, and I did get a slice for Bob too!
Last Thursday we had dinner at Carrabba's with the 'gang'!  Great meal...this Thursday we'll have our last dinner for 2016 at Blanca's......

Yep, we are going to miss our friends and it's hard to say goodbye!  But I will be glad to see my kids and grand kids.  Plus, I'll be heading to IN for Kayla's wedding shower on the  14th and then in June we'll be off to Ohio for the wedding!  WooHoo...aren't we the travelers!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Get with the program, Robbie!

I know this is the longest I have gone without a blog post!  And there's no excuse.  It's not like I've been sitting on my butt doing nothing!
I did some solar fast prints last week which I'm happy with. They are similar to some of the pieces I'm currently working on, but that's ok.  I need additional pieces for another project that needs to be done by fall.

This past week I also played with some oil pastels and Inktense blocks with some art buds.  I only did 3 pieces.

The pieces were originally solar prints  but I forgot to rinse the pieces and left them out in the sun.  Well, what you get is a solid color!

Next time I played,  I stamped them and I was happy with that but....the next layer was calling so I used oil pastels on the blocks and now I am quite happy with the pieces.  I'm trying to get enough leaf blocks printed/created so I can use them for hand work too.

I'm quite happy with these two pieces....I used a Ginko stencil I had and the other leaf was putting the oil pastel on the edge of the cardboard template and rubbing the oil pastel onto the fabric.  

This piece didn't turn out so great.  I was using the Inktense blocks and rubbing over some leaf plates.  Nothing exciting, but I'm sure it will have another layer of 'something' added!

 I have also been busy with everyday stuff, outings with my friends and dinner out!  A lot!!  Bob's only golfing four days a week (he used to golf 6 days a week!) so now he wants to toot around and have a late lunch or early dinner out!  Well, no I don't argue with him!  he he he
I met up with some art buds last week and we surprised Kay with a FaceTime visit with Mary Stori!  Mary has been trying to get to Florida to visit and play but with air flight issues trying to get somewhere "from here" has prevented her from heading south.  It's not easy traveling from her home to the airport let alone to get to where we are. But who knows...maybe someday...and until then..FaceTime works!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Project Management

I guess I should thank my former employer, EDS and/or my mum for giving me the project management skills I have. Thank goodness for that!   I try to be organized and meet my target dates 99% of the time (my followers know about the one target date that I missed!).
Anyway, I made a few fiber cards last month knowing that I'd be busy with tooting around with friends our last month in Florida. I didn't realize at the time I wouldn't be doing any sewing!  

I do have other BD's this month but they will have to settle for regular Hallmark greeting cards!  HA  I  foroet to take a picture of the card I made for Sally.  It was on silk duponi and free motion quilted.

This is the fiber card was made for our friend, Mac.  He's the 1st row/seat on the left.  Mac was an All Star at Michigan and I just happened to have found this picture on the Internet.

This is the back of his card.  I hope he enjoys it and his BD, which was on April 10th!

At least with not doing any hand work, I'm able to revisit my online dog classes, which Gigi, Kalee and I all need!  Hard to sit still but I'm taking advantage of this time to watch the video's and get back to dog lessons!  I am headed out today with Sally to have some lunch and visit a gift shop or two!   At least I can still shop with one hand!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I will be back!

Well, I hope I'll be back!  HA....My wrist/hand have been in a splint wrap for over a week. (And, no, that isn't my hairy arm in this pic!).
I had Bob go with me to Urgent Care 10 days ago..I honestly thought I had cracked a bone.   Anyway, after x-rays and $$'s spent, the diagnosis is just degenerative arthritis/RA!

The constant pain is now only about 50% of the time or if my hand/wrist turn a certain way (like I did last night in bed!!!) or if I try to lift or even wash my right side with my left hand, the pain is intense!  By the time I get out of the tub at night my wrist is killing me again.  So frustrating....I did try to do some hand stitching the other day and if I hold my hand just the right way on the hoop I can do it!

Today, I actually groomed both dogs!  I put a rubber glove over my splint and the pressure didn't feel so great but the dogs got a well needed bath!  It's amazing what all you can do with one hand!

Jan M. gave me some coconut oil pills and Turmeric tabs which I have been faithfully taking!  Then my sister sent me some essential oils, which I have been rubbing on all my joints!  Next up, Jan also recommended Blue-Emu cream, which I bought yesterday and put on a few times a day (like before bathing dogs! and at bedtime for sure).  I can't say what is or isn't working as the pain is still in the wrist and thumb but I am able to move my thumb a heck of a lot more than I could a week ago!  So that's progress!  Right! I think so!  I'll take any little sign of relief!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Working away...but not for long...

I've made pretty good headway on these two pieces....

But I am planning on taking a few days off from hand work.  Left wrist is quite bad, so until next time....Just call me 'gimpy'!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Switching Gears!

You know I get bored working on one project...hence, the fill in with the wine cozies!  So this week I started on some hand embroidery for the Solar Fast prints I did this winter.  This is one of the pieces I'm starting to embroider, you can see the rest of the Solar Fast pieces here.

This is my progress so far. 

 The color of the piece is more like the 1st picture.  I took this one in the dark!  The piece is backed with some batting so I'll have to think about how/where I'm adding borders to the piece.  I want it a tad larger.  Hmmmmm  I might resort to the QAYG method by Marianne.  I love her method and think it will or should! work for what I want to do.  Who knows!

My wrists have been killing me lately so the hand embroidery is a good switch from beading.  I started to wear a brace while I bead or embroider, which is helping.  I've also found it helps just to wear the brace while I'm doing laundry or working around the house.  You just have to remember not to wash your hands while it's on!  UGH...doesn't feel so good as it's drying!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Yep, it's that time again!  This is from my bud, Susan!  

I used to get my kids (the 'big' ones!) baskets up until we started to have grand kids...but now with us in Florida I don't even get the grand kids anything!  Well, I do mail them a card!  Woo hoo!  I'll make up for it when we get home and have our 'grandma' days in the summer!

Amber and Nick are both playing Lacrosse...and Amber made Varsity!  She is so excited and they had their first school game this week.  They didn't win but my son said they played really hard and did a good job.  That's what counts and it's great experience for both of the kids.  I should be able to attend both Amber and Nick's games when we get back as they're scheduled through May!

Hope everyone enjoys their chocolate!  We eat chocolate every day so it's no big deal for us!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Wine Glass Koozie Pattern

So today I was a good person and took step by step pics on how to make the wine koozie (I spelled it cozie! on my post!).  You can see I made four more today!

Just for fun I thought I'd see if I could find the pattern on the Internet...well, who knew!  Yep, it's there...except it's called 'wine glass Kozzie' if you're interested, here is a tutorial already for you!

It's from Pokey Bolton (yep, the same QA founder!).  Thanks to her for writing all the detail for this one!  The link is here!

I'm giving these to my friend to share with her daughter.  So now I get to pick out some more fabric to keep on making these little beauties!


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Squirrel Time!

The little guy is coming along...slowly but surely!  It's so hard to bead at night here for some reason!

 It could be the two dogs that want to sit on my lap or beside me at night!  Hmmmmmmm  Last night was the first night I was able to bead while watching TV!  Kalee did lay beside me and Gigi just laid on the couch...until it was mom time!

Back to the wine cozies I posted about on Monday....I am so hooked on these buggers (and it's all your fault, Sally!).  I think they are the cutest items to make and have! So what did I do yesterday...I had Bob drop me off at the fabric store while we were running errands...why, you ask!  Well, to get some fabric to make more cozies, of course!

Actually, I needed some border fabric for my leaf pieces I want to hand stitch.

I'm only going to use the dark black batik and the bottom fabric for the cozies.  Which, by the way, I'll be doing a step by step post on how to make those.  It's really quite easy but some have inquired.

 The other 3 are for the border fabrics.   So I best get off this computer and get to work, right!

Monday, March 21, 2016

What is it!?

It's a wine cozy!

A friend gave me a little wine cozy her friend made her and she thought I could figure out the pattern from hers.  Sally thought I'd like to make some too!   I forgot to take a picture of hers but they all look the same.

Well, I didn't need another project but I thought I would at least see how the bugger was made so that I could make one when we got home.

Once I turned hers inside out and saw it was easy to do I couldn't wait!  I made one within 20 min. yesterday!  I didn't have a lot of scrap fabric to use but isn't it clever!   Now I want to get some fabric and make lots of these!  Nice house warming or hostess gift!

I started off creating a circle template from an old cereal box (sometimes we revert to our past traditions don't we!).  I had to turn Sally's cozy inside out and I figured out it was only 5 circles!!

  And you only sewed once around!!  So quick and so cute.   This was the back....

And here you go!  all I need is to fill  up the glass with wine!  Which I think I'll do now!!!