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Friday, February 24, 2017

Tigers and Lions and Bears, Oh My!

Five of us had the best experience this past week!  One of the ladies in the community, Eunice, has visited the EARS (Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary) in Citra.    Actually, she has gone several times and suggested we do a private tour.  I am SO glad she suggested and arranged the tour....what a wonderful day it was!!!  There are 30 acres of a refuge to care for and foster animals no longer wanted or being cared for.  I didn't count all the animals we saw but there are lots!  So I'll be doing at least two posts on the rescue.

EARS takes such great care and shows so much love to these animals.

They have large cages which open into larger areas and some, if not all, have some type of pool!  Yes, these cats will swim and play in the water!

I love the different markings on their faces!  So exotic and beautiful!

Is this fellow a beauty of what!!!!

This was the position of most of the big cats!  They look very stressful don't they!  HA

This is the male lion but because he has been castrated his mane no longer grows!  Just a little fact I wasn't aware of!  Who knew!
 If you live in the area, you definitely need to take a tour of this rescue.  I'll be posting more pics tomorrow of some bear and monkey!  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

And yet another friend....sorta??

You just never know who you'll meet while walking  in the community!  Early one morning I was walking the dogs when Kalee went on high alert!  I thought there was a dog in the neighbors yard but was this!

Yep, it's an Armadillo!!  We had heard they were in the neighborhood doing damage to the lawns.  In fact, we see the damage in Larry's yard!  But we also heard they are nocturnal and you don't see them.  Well, we sure did!

Then, the other day I had the dogs out front and saw movement across the street!  Guess who!  Yep, our friend again!  I ran into the house and had Bob get his phone out to take pictures!  He captured this video and did a great job!

This little guy certainly isn't shy!  And I don't think he knows it's day time!!  So this is the newest 'friend' I've met this year!!!  Let's hope, other than someones dog, I don't meet up with any other animal!  I don't need any more friends!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And another friend!

My  post yesterday showed some great work from a few of my Florida buds!  Today, I'd like to focus on the person who introduced me to Nancy and Beth.  Her name is Kay Sorensen and I know some of my readers already know and follow her blog,  Quilts plus Color!

I actually 'met' Kay in person at a trunk show I did back in February 2012!  You can read about that meeting here.  Kay and I were in a slice project with Tommy (The Material Girl) called To Market. in 2011.   As we talked that first day, we finally realized why our names were familiar!  HA  This was the quilt we each contributed a section on (there were sixteen of us).  We were juried into the IQA show in Huston
This was Kay's section (with her picture that she had replicate on the right)

And my section

So that was our first connection.  After that, Kay invited  me to her house for a lunch and we've been buds every since.

Kay is an artist/dyer extraordinaire!  Last month and thru March 19th, folks living near Keosha, WI will have been and will be able to see Kay's work as she has over 70 "Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts" on display at the Anderson Arts Center!  I can't imagine seeing all these pieces in one place!!  I have seen pictures on her blog as well as in a book Kay put together and it is awesome to see her hand dyed and shibori fabrics 'show ready'.
I hope you enjoy seeing just a few pictures of Kay's work here on my post.  Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and head over to Kay's blog here and enjoy  seeing all of her creations!  It is inspiring for sure.  And I thank Kay, again, for introducing me to both Nancy and Beth!  You can't beat friends!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Some friends

About a week ago I was lucky to meet up with some 'like' minds for a few hours of show and tell and gabbing!  Front row is Kay, Nancy,  in the back is Beth (holding the camera! - She has longer arms than I do!) and myself.

Of course, we had lunch and home made cookies for a treat, compliments of Beth.  I brought Heart Shaped donuts for our morning treat!  YUM...

And this is a little fairy that Beth made me.

Actually, she made each of us a fairy!  Aren't the 'girls' cute together!

Nancy made this name tag by creating her name with embroidery machine work.  I forget the name of the 'little' men around her name.  Nancy and her hubby are travelers and she brought this back from one of their trips.

I enjoy these ladies so much and it's great to share  tips/tricks/ideas and even their 'finds'!

Speaking of which,  Nancy attended the quilt show at the Villages a few weeks ago and these were some of her finds.

This is cork fabric!  Who knew!

Isn't it beautiful!  Can't wait to see what Nancy does with this.  It feels so soft and smooth!

I've never used dye sticks before, so I'm anxious to see how Nancy uses these.

And check out some of Nancy and Beth's deconstructed screen prints!

Nancy got great color and patterns!
Beth used stencils (face) and some grunge board for the key
Nancy added some yellow dye to release the rest of the thickened dye

Closeup of Beth's face stencil

More of Nancy's prints

Beth was encouraged to work a series of faces

This was a stencil she used acrylic paint on
What a fun afternoon of show and tell and gab!  Hope you enjoyed seeing what talented folks I surround myself with!  I'm  looking forward to getting together again soon!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Dogs and quilting!

So the other day I tried to post a video of Ranger at his agility run!  For some reason, the video wouldn't run.  So here it is again using a different format.  Ranger is a doll and he and his mom, Elizabeth, are a great team!   Ranger is also a rescue and the cutest little guy!

And I have been doing some sewing.  Hands/wrists are bad again so I'm only do hand work off and on.  I remembered to bring my blue squirrel with me so he is what I'm working on "off and on".  It doesn't look like I did much but I really did.  This was the 1st day.....

And this is what he looks like now!  I don't think there's much beading done!  HA  But there is.  I did about 3 rows on his back and beaded some of his front chest area.

I also started to quilt the background piece for our online challenge...theme is 'communication'.  I have my idea and plan but not sure this will work! This was the start of the quilting....

And this is where I'm at now.

 I'm planning on putting a wash or applique of color on the background.  I have images/words to fuse down too....soooooooo  I can always use this to make fiber cards if it doesnt work out!  Or chalk it up to practicing machine quilting!  Win/win?????  Hmmmmmmm

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yes, more food

What can I say...old folks eat out a lot!  Guess that makes me old!!  I already posted on our day at the Freezer Tiki to fill in a few other days! Bob and I do take off and eat out by ourselves once a week or so.  We stopped at Harry's last week for a great meal!

I had Chicken Taco's prepared New Orleans style and they were fantastic.  Bob had Shrimp and Scallops which he enjoys. Of course we started off with deep fried pickles and ended up with Banana Foster Bread Pudding, which was to die for!  We always get Bananas Foster but the bread pudding version was terrific!

Then on Thursday, the gang met at the Ocala Palms Cafe for dinner.  I enjoyed my meal of salad and Buffalo chicken flatbread.  I only had 1/2 order and it was delicious.  I ate all but one piece (gave that to Bob to try).  It's a dish I would order again.

Bob had chicken, parm, which he said was good but not fantastic.  But the onion rings were good...I know..who orders onion rings with chicken parm!  Hmmmmmm

 Others had burgers and a few had  chili Nacho's or chicken Nacho's, which both said was very good.  All in all...a fun night chatting and enjoying friends and food!

And this past Thursday, another get together with the gang at Mimi's!  I had quiche/salad and one of their fantastic blueberry muffins.  Bob and I had the other half of the quiche for breakfast the next day!

This was Susan's chicken dinner!!  I believe Susan said those were scalloped potatoes in upper left corner!  

I promise to show some textile work soon!  I am doing some work.  Until then, more food adventures will be forthcoming!  Like I said...that's what we old folks do!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Last weekend and a dog agility activity!

This past weekend was busy starting with Friday.  One of Gigi's buds, Ranger, was in an agility event this weekend.  So off I went on Friday afternoon to watch his run.

  Only problem, Ranger's run wasn't until after I left....he ran after 5 p.m. and because I turn into a pumpkin I had to get back home.  BUT good news was Ranger did great!

This was the note attached to the picture on FaceBook of Elizabeth and Ranger from her sister, Jane:

"Well Ranger finally did it...he earned his first AKC "Q" in Novice JWW today and a third place. One more shot at Novice Standard course Sunday afternoon. CONGRATULATIONS Elizabeth and Ranger".

Isn't Ranger adorable!!!  He's the only dog, other than Kalee, that Gigi has played with!  

So on Saturday, I headed back over to the fairgrounds to watch this team!  Let me say that Ranger had a good time today!  Elizabeth not so much fun!  

But....they are a great team and have come so far.  All I can say is congrats to you both, Elizabeth and Ranger!  You are wonderful together and have come so far.  You are my (and Gigi's!) idols!