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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Queen of Ice!

Yesterday, was Kay's opening exhibit, FLORIDA ICE, at the Ocala City Hall!  It was a great get together of friends, both old and new, to see Kay's beautiful 'ice dyed' tapestries.  I hope, if you are in the Ocala area, you can stop by to see her work in person.  I'm sharing a few photos just to wet your appetite.
The Queen of Ice!

The Queen of Ice and her Court!
Carol Gordhamer, Kay, Beth Sherman and me!

Some of Kay's beautiful ice dyed tapestries!

Friends and family!

Kay's exhibit is on until Friday, April 27th.  Stop by for some inspiration or even to purchase a tapestry!  If you're not in the Florida area, then do stop by Kay's blog.  She is always posting wonderful pictures of her hand dyes and other art work!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Deconstructed Screen Printing

Several weeks ago, I did create 3 deconstructed screens.  I've been anxious to print with them and last week I got to do just that!   Here is one of the screens before I removed all the leaves and junk I had laid on it!

and the fabric printed from it.  This piece turned out pretty nice.    The base fabric was a commercial yellow, cotton piece I had leftover from another project.

I laid the stencil under the screen and printed using up the dye and print paste.  Worked pretty good wouldn't you say?

Next up

And results are blurry but you get the picture!

And the third screen


This is a closeup of the first print I pulled with the screen.  I laid the stencil on the screen to dry with for the imprint.

I also played with the leftover dye from the screens and laid a tree stencil down to screen print from.  Not bad!

Good way to use up leftover print paste and dyes left over on the screens...after all, you will eventually get a mud color!  Right!  Works for me!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Finishing up projects!

Yep, I am finishing up some projects...just so I can start new ones and finish up one more project that is 'hanging over my head'!

First off, the scarf from H_LL is finished.  Actually, it turned out pretty nice.  No it doesn't look good with a black and white shirt!  But it does look good with a white blouse!  Hate having my pic taken...ugh...

This looks kinda wrinkly because I had just blocked it.  The yarn is a light weight linen and isn't soft to the touch.  But I think once it is worn a few times, it will soften up.

I just don't like knitting with a fingering type yarn. Too easy to get dropped stitches...don't ask why...just what happens to me!  And the yarn is so easy to end up knitting into strands of yarn that aren't stitches!  Guess I need to pay more attention when knitting with this yarn.

I can't show the other finished project, because it is for the online group, Art Quilts Around the World blog challenge.  But here's a sneak peek!  I know...what the heck is it!  The theme is "Film Noir"...that's all I can say!  HA  Reveal date is March 31st!

I did miss out on margaritas this week!  I was sick with some type of stomach flu or whatever so I didn't make dinner out with the gang on Thursday.  They all (Bob did go) ate at Las Margaritas Mexican restaurant and Bob said the food was great.  As were the margarita's, salsa and chips! Dang!  I've been wanting to go here for the past two years!  Guess Bob will just have to take me!  HA  Actually, when he came home he said he would take me as he knows I would have enjoyed it.

I am back to normal (OK, normal is relative isn't it!) and ready to eat out this week.  I am making dinner for friends on Tuesday using my instant pot!  And we'll also have dessert, chocolate lava cake, which will also be made in the instant pot!

I have to show a picture that my friend, Jan, posted on FaceBook this week.

Back in 2015, the four of us headed to Rural King.  For those who don't know, Rural King is like a TSC (Tractor Supply Co.).  Larry and Jan thought it would be fun for us to walk through the store.  It was an interesting store and someone found this camouflage guess who got to hold it up to see what it would look like!  Yep..ME!  What can I say.....who would buy a camouflage bikini!  Someone I guess...just not this gal..heck, I don't even own a bathing suit!  HA

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Another friends' show and tell!

I have so many talented friends, and with their permission, I have an opportunity to share some of their work on m blog!  I have mentioned Peggy and her hubby, Sammy, more than once in a  post.  Yes, Sammy is as talented as Peggy!  Sam carves wooden birds that are beautiful. 

This is a current bird he is carving....and the rest are some bird carvings I took pictures of over the past few years.

And Peggy is no slouch either!  She does some beautiful watercolor paintings and makes all her own cards using her paintings for the front of her cards.  She also plays with Mixed Media and here she is holding a recent collage piece she made.
Pretty cool!!!

This is a painting Peggy made a few years ago.  So much talent! 

Peg and I played with alcohol inks two years can read that post here or here  and see some of her pieces that were beautiful.  Mine...not so much!  HA.   This next picture is one Peggy framed.  I love it!  She even gave me one of her pieces!  Woohoo!

  This past week Peggy played with alcohol inks with some ladies outside the community.  Here are some pieces Peggy created while playing.

This is upside down!  Oops!!!!

another upside down pic!   Double oops!

So, I hope you enjoyed another show and tell from another one of my talented friends!!!  I am such a lucky gal!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Review Time!

From time to time, I like to do a review of a book that I have and use!  My followers will recognize this book by Margaret Ball that I feel is the best bead book around.  Embeadery is a wonderful reference book for can read my original review or some of it here.  It's the only bead book I bring with me to Florida!

And now I have another favorite book for hand stitching.  This is a wonderful reference book and full of interesting techniques in the hand stitching arena!

The Geometry of Hand Sewing by Natalie Chanin is her most current book (2017).   First off, my friends know I love a spiral book and if it's not spiral bound, I'll take it to Staples to have them put a spiral binding on it.  This book already has a spiral binding so the book lays flat!  That's a plus if you are following along and creating sample fabric pages, for example. 

The diagrams of stitches are so easy to follow and the pictures of the end result(s) are shown on  fabric pictures, which are easy to see.

For those of you who don't know Natalie Chanin, she is the owner of

They make, by hand, all original dresses or tops, etc. using the stitches in her book(s) as well as  reverse applique techniques.  The clothing line is beautiful and so unique!  

Miss Chanin also has classes on  In fact, one of the classes is for making a skirt similar to the one above.

I love any hand sewing and this book has given me some new ideas to incorporate in my art quilts.  I hope you check it out on Google or your  local library.  If they don't have her new book, they may have her older books too, which also look very interesting.  Whether you are an art quilter or sewer of clothes, I think you'll find something to your liking to try!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Food, of course, and Fun!

Yep..another 'fun' week of eating out!  Bob and I had lunch at Turnpike Mike's last Wednesday.  It's a new Bistro and the food was fantastic!  I had chicken salad sandwich w/ cole slaw...yum.  I could only eat less than half.  In fact, the leftover chicken salad was enough for two days of lunch!

Bob had their Philly cheese with their french fries which as the best fries.  They are called Wheels & Peels and they are not your normal french fry!  Fried potatoes normally bother both Bob and I but these didn't!

 And for dessert!  Yum...yep, another fried food....fried cheesecake...again...whoever fries their food know what they are doing!  Nothing is greasy at all!  Just delicious!

Thursday was our normal 'dinner with the gang' and we ate at Brick City Southern Kitchen, downtown Ocala.  Yum!  Always great food...I was too busy eating and talking to take pics but the pulled brisket sandwich with lots of BBQ sauce was perfect!  It came with a salad, which was so fresh so I ate the entire salad and only half my sandwich! 

Sunday, my bud, Marcia and I headed north to Gainesville to attend the Tioga Fine Arts Festival.  The weather was beautiful..low 70's and slight breeze!  Just perfect to walk around and visit the 100 vendors! I always enjoy this art show and I even bought a Christmas gift for my son!  Can't post a ever know who or when someone may look at my blog! 

I did buy something for myself!  A new pair of earrings.  I really love them.  Barbara's work is beautiful and unique!  She has a wonderful web site and videos of her classes and some of her wonderful work!  Check out her web site.

Of course, Marcia and I had to stop for lunch!  All that walking makes us thirsty and hungry!  Another great meal at the Blue Highway Tioga!  This is a chain (for those who don't know it) but the food is awesome! 

Yes, I'm a chicken salad kind of gal!  Another huge sandwich and salad!  Love their Blue Highway salad! 

I really enjoy my leftovers for 'when' I am home to eat lunch!  HA

Check out my salad!!!  Delicious!

Marcia had the same salad but with shrimp added.  And their fries are to die for!
Those are Marcia's not mine!  HA

Yesterday, Bob and I had a late lunch/early dinner at Piesanos!    They have lunch specials that you can't beat.  I had a Gorgonzola salad (I could only eat half!) and a piece of pizza  for $7.99 - check out the size of that slice!  Delicious!

Bob had their lunch special #1, house salad, slice of cheese pizza ad a half meatball sandwich!  All for $8.99!  Both are meals were great and the pizza was delicious!  Yep, we'll be back! 

And, for our first visit, they gave us four of their Piesano's yeast bread...double yum! 

So now I'll be walking the dogs, each, 3 times a day rather than 2 times a day!  I only have 7983 steps on my fitbit!  Think that's enough steps to counter maybe two bites of pizza???