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Friday, February 9, 2024

Whitecaps Progress

This is the lace pullover or cover that I started.  It's a pattern by DanDoh designs.  I love Yumiko's patterns!  They are all so feminie and patterns very well written. 

I love the red but it's not a color I wear well..I'm more the spring color pallet!  HA  So I am making in vanilla yarn, which I did purchase from DanDoh.  It's a lovely silk yarn.

The only problem I had was getting gauge!  I knit tight so normally I have to go up at least one needle size.  Also, I'm not used to using a larger needle to knit with this lace type yarn!  

You can see these two gauge samples...bottom is my pink sweater gauge swatch I did but using #5 is using the silk yarn and #10 needle.  But with some tips from Yumiko I did get gauge!  Woohoo...

Also, I'm using a different circular needle I purchased.  This are called ChiaoGoo and they are fantastic!  One issue with circular needles is the wire part that twists and frustrating and uncomfortable.  

On one of the knitting FB pages I follow, someone suggested they use these needles and love them.  So off to Amazon to order.  I love, love them!! They have a wire steel cable which doesn't bend and twist!  



You can see the red easy to knit with!!  My only problem is finding time to knit.  I know...what the heck do you do all day, Robbie!!

In between being 'everyday housewife' I do meet up with friends, volunteer at the library, try to walk 2 miles several days a week along with dog walking when weather permits, yada, yada.  So my knitting takes a back seat!

I try to knit for an hour a day if possible...usually after dinner before World News with David Muir!

So this is my progress!  I've reached the underarm section so have about 60 rows to go before I bind off.  Kumiko has you block each piece (this is 1 of 2 pieces - front and back).  So the next pictures will be this piece being blocked.

Once blocked you'll see the pattern much better and will look like something!  HA

So, that's my story so far!  Now that I wasted time updating my blog I think I"ll go and knit!


  1. What you have knitted so far is beautiful! I have never knitted with circular needles.

  2. I love the delicate Knitting. I am so glad to find your blog again, Google is not making it easy for blogs anymore


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