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Friday, February 23, 2024

Cyano Print Progress Sorta


Haven't made much progress on the Cyano print project.  Too many distractions...Kalee has had another one of her stomach issues.  We were up last weekend from Sunday 4 a.m. until Monday 6 a.m.!  UGH...Poor dog...the vet is trying a new approach...when Kalee starts to feel poorly, she is restless, licking her lips (nausea) and vomiting.  In the past, she has been treated for pancreatitis, which she has had confirmation of.  Because she never loses her appetite, no diarrhea, no belly pain or pancreas symptoms, the vet is now treating her for some type of allergy!  I make my own dog food (99% ground turkey/veggies) and she is on Hills' ID kibble.  Since I started feeding her this, her stomach issues and no discomfort in pancreas have seemed to decrease...........SO, she's now on anti nausea med (which no vomiting for 2 days) and also on Prednisone for about a week.  She appears to be doing much better and we all slept Monday night with no interruptions!  Just need to figure out what type of allergy she has.  Vet doesn't feel the turkey/veggie mix is process of elimination.  UGH

So now I'm playing around with different border fabrics and layouts.....

Not happy...just don't want something that is so 'expected' for a block.  

Do I dare cut it up more!  HA  No, I won't do that as I do want to hand embroider the leaf areas.

I think I am going to add 1/8th inch strip and work from there.  This is 1/4" strip I just laid on the piece.  I like this so much better! Now to cut it up and add  that 1/4"!!!

AND the srip is added...picture is a little crooked but I'm a lot more content with the piece.  Now back to borders, trim?????  Who know what!

So when I can't knit, I'll try and continue on with different  fabric for border or whatever!

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  1. Oh, poor Kaylee... and poor you! Hope things settle down for her. Your piece is looking wonderful. Can't wait to see the hand embroidery for the leaves.


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