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Friday, March 3, 2023

Week's progress...

Well, Michigan weather has allowed us to have a few decent days of 40 degrees, which also allowed the dogs to be walked twice in two days!  Kalee loves her walks...Gigi is a fair weather gal so not so much..but good for all of us.  Donna and I walked at the church walking track twice this week.  So between dogs, walking, making dog food, cleaning and cooking not a lot of progress on two projects.  But there is progress!

Depending on how many dogs are on my lap at night and what's on TV, I can either knit or do stitching on my dye dog #2.  It's progressing and I'd say I'm about half way, well almost, half way  with the background stitching...???...close enough, right!

I'm about half way on the sleeve for the knitted top...BUT I am going to 'unknit' the ribbing.  I think it's too tight and I should have used a larger needle to bind off.  I'm knitting the Italian Bind-off again, which I really like.  It is stretchy but the more I look at this pattern, I see it's fitted quite a bit more than the other two I knitted.  I'm hoping I didn't mess up and the top will be too small.  I will try on after I finish this sleeve but I do know the ribbing/bind off is too tight.  SOOOOOOOOOOO.  

We're due for a rather large snow storm of 6-8 inches starting later this afternoon.  It's good they forwarn us but it doesn't alway happen in our area...but we could have run out of luck.  Our winter has actually been very mild this year!  Can't complain and other then going to the library to volunteer, I don't have to go anywhere until next Wednesday!  HA  So I should get a lot done, right!!!  

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